A snow day and a new blog!

I always loved snow days…I don’t really know why. I never remember going on some amazing adventure or having any extraordinary thing happen on a snow day, it was more that I didn’t have to show up for something (used to be school) that I didn’t like. I loved the idea of being “let off the hook” for the day. But creating something new, uplifting, and positive is now more important to me than getting out of doing something…today I have been given this little gift of time where the world is quiet and white and soft. Jack is shoveling and I am writing. We decided that we would dedicate this day to remembering all of the things that we have done right …since this morning, in this new year, in the last few years, and in our lives. Today I started a blog, I offered Jack the shower BEFORE I took my bath (never did that before!), I took a short nap with Fred (one of our 6 cats)..and the list is just beginning!!!

4 thoughts on “A snow day and a new blog!

  1. I do love firsts as well…. Thank you Mary for this new beginning. You are amazing……..some might say – a Rock star in the spiritual world!! I await your next post……

  2. Been reading Jon Kaz blog for years – I feel so connected with hime AND LIFE and it’s wonderful to find you thru him. The conversational tone in present time is perfect feels good . . . I anticipate more tope o’line communicatin’! Lois O’Reilly

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