who is running this show called my life?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading from the “new thought” people that lived about 100 years ago. Even though the language can be somewhat cumbersome, there is such a freshness about their thought. There is a book that can be downloaded for free called, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. He talks about “the law of attraction” and the plastic (moldable) universe that responds to our thoughts, the limitations of most organized religious thought, and how we are on the dawn of a new age….an age where we realize the power of our minds to create our experience. This was written 100 years ago.
I have read this type of information for years and yet do I really believe it? Most of the pain/suffering that I experience (and that i see others experiencing) is from that feeling of a lack of power to create. I have been using one “technique” for about a week and have already seen an almost exact replica of what I was imagining come to life in my world. (more about this tomorrow). And my feeling isn’t “well of course it works this way.” it is more like, “Oh my goodness! This really works!”

6 thoughts on “who is running this show called my life?

  1. This is “The Secret”. Thanks for reminding me to practice it. I am not familiar with your ministry, but if Jon Katz recommends you, than I’m on board. I must warn you I do not believe in organized religion, but I am devoted to faith.

    • Hi Terrie,
      Thank you for your comments…it sounds like we have a lot in common!
      very best to you,

  2. Hello Terrie,
    I am enjoying your blog. Love the subject of the law of attraction and the plastic universe. I recently read “The Zero Point Field” by Lynne McTaggart. Quantum physics speaks to this phenomenon of energy follows thought, and we live in a Field that is cohesive, responsive, interactive. Lynne McTaggart elucidates these ideas much more eloquently than I ever could. Looking forward to reading your blog.

    • Thank you Lynn! I do not know where in the country you are, but Lynne McTaggart is speaking at the Dowsers convention this summer in Danville, Vt.
      Very Best to you!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Got your name right this time! Thanks for the info on Lynne McTaggart. Never knew about Dowsers until you mentioned it – so I googled it and sounds very interesting. My partner Dale and I love Vermont and it might be a nice trip up there this summer.

    I live in Yorktown Heights, NY. Westchester county. I am a retired social worker (LMSW, ACSW) and a Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher. I am 58 years old , an avid reader, walk daily, and spiritually minded. Getting ready for class tonight. I teach gentle yoga, and also chair yoga for seniors. 5 classes a week.
    Will look into the New Thought writings, The Master Key System, that you mentioned above. Thank you for this info. I love reading from 100 years ago also. Especially Louisa May Alcott, Thoreau, Emerson, many many others——-For some reason these older writers strike a deep note within me.

    • …I know, it is as if their voices have a purity and originality…it sounds like you have a beautifully flowing life! Thanks for touching base! Mary

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