feeding the world…one deer at a time!

The older I get, the more I seem to be aware of the other creatures occupying this time/space reality. We have had a lot of snow this winter….I see the deer trudging along, trying to find food and I want to feed them all…and the birds, foxes, chipmunks, …all of them. I want to take them in, give them a nice warm bed, food and shelter. All of the sudden, a lot of snow has become a problem (I think) for all of the creatures that live outside. Even though there has been a lot of snow and cold in the winter in the northeast for at least a couple thousand years?? tens of thousands??? I don’t really know but now I feel responsible. I think to myself, “I have to do something!” so I go to the store and buy cracked corn and apples and put them out at night and I feel better. I sit outside in the starry morning and send silent blessings to the same foxes that I try to scare away in the warm weather (so they don’t think our cats are breakfast) and I feel better. Are my little efforts making a difference? They are to me. There is a wonderful story of a man walking up the beach after a storm, throwing the starfish that washed up back. Someone passes him and says, “There are thousands of them. You are not making any difference. The man silently picks up another and tosses it back into the sea. He then says, “It made a difference to that one.”

11 thoughts on “feeding the world…one deer at a time!

  1. What a wonderful message. Made me feel good inside that there are others who feel the same about the animals we share this earth with.

  2. Yes, your efforts are most certainly making a difference to this troubled world.It can be such a cruel place, both for humans and animals alike. Keep up the wonderful work!

    We need more people who think like you do………………..

    • Hi Jenn,
      Thank you and I am well! I love what you are doing (heard through your mom)…please keep me posted.

  3. I actually did this myself two years ago in Isle of Palms SC. After a storm the starfish were stranded on the morning beach after the tide subsided. Myself and another woman spent a good portion of the morning tossing them back into the surf. Had to at least try! And the final comment in your blog” It made a difference to that one, is actually how I felt.

  4. I love the way you feel about animals , I feel the same way. This year we are having a very cold winter and the nights it was so cold I covered the bushes and left entrances for the birds who nest there so they would be covered. Of course I fill the feeders and crack the ice so they can have water. Do you know that birds die more of a lack of water than a lack of food in winter?
    Bless you Mary, you certainly make a difference.

    • Hi Michele,
      Thank you for writing! I used to work for a community of nuns and in the winter, one of the older nuns would always run outside with a little pan of water when she saw birds land in the court yard…she would whisper, “the poor things are thirsty”. …l loved that… blessings back to you Michele!

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