remember to smile!

just about 50 years ago

When I get up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) I always look in the mirror and smile at myself. Sometimes I say, “Hello Mary, good to see you!”…but I always make myself smile. I say, “make myself” because many times I do not feel like it…sometimes it is 2 a.m. and I feel like sleeping though the night…but I have looked at my face in the middle of the night when I did not want to be up, and I was not smiling, and it is scary!

So I make myself smile and I feel happier. They (the experts on this stuff) say that smiling, even if it is forced, does really make us somehow changes our biochemistry. It is free, you can do it any time of the day or night and it takes no time…how can you not love that!

8 thoughts on “remember to smile!”

  1. Smiling is what I looked for when I searched for a life partner. I looked for a woman that smiled and made me smile. Almost thirty five years later we still have that affect on each other.

  2. Mary, I just read Russel Bank’s “Rule of the Bone” at one point, Bone, this 14 year old kid who has had a tough life so far, looks in the mirror and says He sees “a kid he would like to go through life with”. Somehow reminds me of your smile.

    1. That is a great compliment Maria…. Thank you for telling me!

  3. I do believe in what you say — to smile at your self whenever you look in the mirror. I will practice it more often now. One thing I do that is rather silly and I feel funny putting it in print is that I make faces in the mirror — it gets me to laugh at myself. I think people need to laugh at themselves a little bit more — not be so uptight about themselves and the world. You have a wonderful blog — barbara

    1. Thank you for that Barbara! I could not agree with you more about lightening up…laughing more (especially at ourselves)….Dr. Christiane Northrup has a great cd called The Power of Joy (very funny and helpful) and she talks about looking in the mirror and saying “Hello gorgeous…you look fabulous today” and things like that.

  4. Thanks for your blog which I found out about by reading Jon Katz’s blog. It is 5:30am and I would rather be sleeping through the night! I think I’ll go look in the mirror and “make myself” smile. Thanks for the idea. Have a Happy Day.
    Mary Rita Scott – Cambridge, New York

    1. Well good morning from one smiling Cambridgeite(?) to another! Thanks for your comment Mary!!

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