Fitting in

definitely not a museum piece!

I met my husband Jack 10 years ago. He is an antique dealer, sculptor and photographer and a really good guy. One big issue (not by any means the only one!) we had (still have at times) when we first started making a home together was our taste in furnishings. I love antiques, but I also love comfort (and I have never found a 19th century sofa that I can snuggle up on for more than 10 minutes). Every time we would look for furnishings together, if it wasn’t an antique, Jack would say that it didn’t fit.

I found this little flower at the thrift store yesterday and it made me happy to look at,  so I bought “her” and brought her home and wrapped her around the base of our 19th century wrought iron hand forged lamp. She does not fit…. and that is one of the reasons that I like her so much.

I like surprises in life…maybe one out of every 50 people who have come into our home have commented on the lamp. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful. But does it make me (or others) happy to look at? Does it make me smile? Did I risk looking (God forbid) silly having it in my home? No.

So happy day to you all from me and my fuzzy, silly friend!


p.s. When Jack got home last night and saw her he said, “Well that is kind of cute!”…miracles do happen if we believe!!!!


9 thoughts on “Fitting in”

  1. I also have a “fuzzy friend” that looks just like that one–only blue. It is curled onto a railing at the top of the staircase and smiles at me everytime I take a walk up. Our house is full of antiques and “finds” that my dearest husband brings home from the Goodwills and Salvation Army stores….fun little things that always bring a smile!

    1. I am imagining your little blue friend smiling right now…and it is making me smile too! Thank you Judy.

  2. when we moved into a lovely retirement community apartment, I got rid of everything! antiques, all of it. Wanted new stuff! Got new stuff. Didnt like it, found a lovely store Called YBuyNew and traded all my new stuff in for their wonderful gently used old stuff. it all fits! Nothing matches, but it all fits! Like your little flower!

    1. “Nothing matches but it all fits” is a great way of looking at our homes (and life) Thank you!

  3. “She” made me smile. Also liked yesterday’s comment on making yourself and others smile. I am a breast cancer survivor of 14 years, but at first I used the smile theory and it worked both for me and my support team. I still like the smile theory.

  4. Hello, Mary! I come to you via Jon Katz and Bedlam Farm. An interior designer once told me that if you furnish your home with things that you love, they’ll all fit together, because you love them. They’re a reflection of your unique personality; who you are. So your sunny little flower? She fits!

    1. I have always intuitively felt that (and that if I didn’t love it, I should pass it along) and yet as I read your words I thought, “that is it!”…. greetings to you and thank you for that perspective!…

  5. Shari Hiller from the HGTV show “Room by Room,” always said to add something unexpected when thinking about decorating. The whimsical flower is a great touch in a room full of antiques, I think.

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