the power of thought

learning to love my feet!

When I was a kid, I had some problem with my toes…I can’t remember what it was, maybe athletes foot, but that is not the point. My mother must have talked to my grandmother about it because one day while she was visiting us, she said (in front of all of my siblings), to my mother, “Have Mary’s toes straightened out yet?”

A chorus of laughter broke out and I was suddenly christened with the name “crooked toes”. I hated that nick name (understandably so) but getting mad at my sisters and brother only fueled the fire.

Years flew by, I developed a great hate for my feet and in time, my toes actually started to get crooked! I used to hide my feet and got very uncomfortable when I saw someone looking at them (because i was sure they were thinking, “what ugly feet”).

One day, I was visiting my friends Jill and Jenn and one of them said, “You have really nice feet Mary.” I thought she was joking. I asked her why she thought that and she said that I had high arches and my feet were slender (or something along those lines). I was truly stunned. Apparently my bunions and crooked second toes did not look ugly to her. My hating my feet had actually made them ache too. I wondered if someday I might need surgery.

I changed after that day. I started using the affirmation, “I have beautiful feet that help me move through life well.” I also took this photo and put it up to give my feet some good attention.

Did my cruel (really only kidding here…I shutter to think of the names I called them!) siblings comments really hurt my feet? Well I know one thing, my thoughts about them did because my feet have not hurt me for many years and the only thing that I have changed is the way I think about them.

So, maybe it is time to bless our body parts…especially the ones we have hated and see how our bodies respond..I am sending the muffin top around my waist a little love letter right now! …don’t worry, you’ll never see a photo of that!

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  1. I’m so glad you love your feet now! Isn’t is strange how comments can affect the way we feel about ourselves? When I was a child all the women in our family were beautiful shapely creatures and I was skinny, homley and rather flat chested. One day someone said they should carve “girl” on my forehead so everyone could tell what I was. I was up into my 20’s before a man referred to me as a “lady” and I was actually surprised he could tell! I never realized how I considered my self “sexless” until he said that. Thanks for sharing about loving who we are and how it affects us!

    1. Hi JoAnne,
      Sending you a big thank you for your comments and happy body thoughts!
      Very Best,

  2. My whole life(except the year I got divorced and was on the “Divorce Diet”) I believed I had fat thighs and a fat stomach. About a year ago I started obsessing on my fat stomach and checking out the stomach of every woman I saw. After a while I realized how obsessed I had become and (using an I idea I learned from you Mary) I started blessing my stomach. Every morning I say to myself “my stomach is beautiful” I draw pictures of powerful women with big thighs and stomachs. Every once in a while I still wine that “I’m fat”, but mostly I’m liking my body.
    By the way, you do have lovely feet.

    1. I am sending you a big hug for that …right through the computer Maria!

  3. Love the story Mary. It’s fun having a little bit of you everytime you write these posts. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsay!!
      I am delighted to know that we are connected this way!!
      Sending you and Tom loads of Love,

  4. I have had a double mastectomy. At first, I tended to look at women with a nice bustline and envy their ability to wear ‘topless’ dresses. Then I thought, “Do you really want to wear topless dresses in your 60s?”
    When I realized the answer was a big NO!, I stopped looking and was just happy that I was alive and well. Now I feel lucky to be able to wear most clothing that I want at age 70! Thanks for this post. You do have nice feet and I am sure they have taken you far. Peg

    1. I really like your question, “do I even want that?”…wonderful story of hope Peg.
      Thank you,

  5. The story you tell has three important lessons.

    One-we are what we think so simple so true

    Two-How growing minds can accept negative input that can affect them for a lifetime.

    Three-We can change our world with proper thinking.

    The most important one to me is number two. That lesson is how I can affect someone else. I regret ever joking with a child or teen in a way that they might have misunderstood.

    Thanks for the reminder of these valuable life lessons.

  6. Hi Mary,
    In the yoga tradition it is believed that if you truly love and accept yourself and your body, if you practice self love ardently throughout your life; that you will be able to give and receive love more fully from others.
    I have experienced this myself. As I develop self love and I am able to deeply appreciate my body, with the flaws and frailties, with the acknowledged strengths and beauty; the more I can accept other people, with their flaws and their strengths. And I give and receive love , friendship, caring more freely.
    This wasn’t an easy practice for me – but I keep at it.
    Lynn (yogini)

    1. Wonderful words to wake up to today Lynn and I feel the deep truth in them. Blessings, mary

  7. Oh so funny! Thank you for this. I have always struggled with shyness and low self esteem. (I’m short with small feet, am quiet and artistic and not very athletic) As a teenager I was in agony. So when a mean boy, who sat in front of me in high school, told me (while I was wearing my brand new sandals!) I had the ugliest feet he had ever seen, I was mortified! And I believed it to be true for the longest time. Until I met my husband. Who thinks I have beautiful feet. And he massages them for me on a regular basis. Which really helps : )

    1. Isn’t so strange that who we were seemed so “wrong” somehow?! I was tall with big feet and felt like I always talked too much (wanted to be short and quieter with little feet)…I am delighted that we have “stepped” into our authentic selves! Thank you for this comment Sue, Best, Mary

  8. Isn’t it amazing how influenced we are by things people say and how long it stays with us! I’m so glad that God sent you a friend to help you view your feet in a more loving way. Here’s to great girlfriends!

  9. Thanks for this. I will bless my muffin-top tummy. But, my tummy will need a big blessing as I’m sure it is bigger than yours ( or perhaps my self love is not as big as it could be). Happy Day to you from Mary Rita Scott

  10. Oh, how I always disliked my feet! One day, though, in the interest of self-pampering, I got my first pedicure. Now… Oh, how I LOVE my cute, stubby little toes! I treat myself to a pedicure every six weeks or so, even through the winter, and when temps climb above 50 degrees, I break out my flip-flops! The rest of my body, I’m not so in love with… but, hey, guess I’ll start at my toes and work my way up! 🙂 BTW, Mary, what cute toes you have!

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