trust and forgiveness

I was sitting in a chair a few weeks ago and Fred (one of our cats) jumped up onto my lap and flipped head up (as he usually does) to take a nap. Luke came over to investigate and I loved the way Fred just kept his eyes closed (probably hoping Luke would go away!).

Fred is a most unusual cat. He is very large, talks a lot, and comes when he is called. But what makes him so special is his utter trust and acceptance of other animals and people. He seems to be free of even the instinctual fears that animals have. He always greets people and new animals with enthusiasm.

We named him Fred after the nephew in A Christmas Carole (Scrooge) by Charles Dickens. No matter how poorly Scrooge treats Fred, he comes back with this loving open attitude. We adopted Fred from Second Chance Animal shelter 5 years ago, after someone had seen him being thrown from a moving car. He had brain damage, is partially blind in one eye and cannot find his way home if he gets outside. No one would know this story if I didn’t tell it. Even if Fred could speak (something we could understand), I don’t think he would tell the story. He loves his life. He loves the other animals in our home and us. He has gotten on with living and has left the past behind.

I try to send love to the people who treated him so badly….I sincerely hope that they have gotten some help. You have got to be in a huge amount of pain to do something so awful.  Fred is not carrying resentment. He is a great teacher.

17 thoughts on “trust and forgiveness”

  1. Thank goodness for all the “Freds” in our lives – they are the best teachers – and thank you – Mary B.

  2. Thank you for your post about Fred and forgiveness. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the conscious and unconscious or habitual resentments I harbor for much smaller things that have happened to me throughout my life and the value of forgiving others and myself.

    1. Dear Susan,
      Thank you for letting me know that Fred’s story was moving to you…i very much appreciate it.

  3. I’m glad Fred is a member of your family. He must have sensed from you that he is lovable and completely accepted. He is responding so beautifully to your gentle spirit. This perhaps makes up for what he suffered at the hands of those who would toss him so violently from a moving car. What a great thing for Fred to be surrounded by animal siblings who are loving, and kind.

    1. Thank you for your kind observations…Fred is one of a kind (as we all are I think!) and he brings us laughter everyday. Best, Mary

  4. Thank you for the beautiful story about Fred. We also had a wonderful cat, who was tossed from a car as a kitten. We scooped him up, nursed him back to health, and he lived with us for eighteen years. He is buried on our property with an angel statue to mark his grave. I think of him every day.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I really appreciate you sending the story of your kitty…18 years with you must have been heaven for him.
      Very best,

  5. What a great message and life lesson in Fred’s story. He is very fortunate to now have you in his life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Susan, It is interesting how a being like Fred, who brings so much joy to our lives, could have ever been unwanted… we are very grateful too! Best, Mary

  6. Fred is what I call an angel cat because of his outstanding spirit. You and he are meant to be together. My angel cat is Sunny, an amputee I was lucky enough to be given. He had been shot in his left front leg and was brought in to be put to sleep. He is an inspiration and joy and I am a better person because of his attitude. Thanks for telling the story and sharing the picture.

    1. Oh, I love the title, “angel cat”! Thank you for this and give Sunny a little hug from Fred!

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