giving thanks for “no good reason”!

Morning snow flakes at White Feather Farm

I get up early (4:30 ish) almost everyday. I make coffee, go outside and sit on the porch with my coffee and look at the sky . This morning it was snowing …..again. As I sat there, I was reminded of a “practice” that, when I remember to do it, opens doors inside of me. It is to say thank you for everything/anything…the good, the difficult…especially the difficult. So I said thank you for the snow and felt lighter.

Several years ago I was crawling into bed after a very long day, thinking about a talk that I was scheduled to give the next day. It was was winter and I was looking forward to crawling into my cozy, warm bed, with my new flannel sheets and puffy down comforter. As I happily slid my feet under the covers, I hit a cold, wet spot. It was a shock and I was confused. I finally smelled it and discovered that one of the cats had peed there. Through every layer. Don’t ask me why, but at that moment, I remembered to say “thank you”.  I started saying thank you to myself, like a silent mantra and as I stripped the bed, it hit me. I was saying thank you (without a reason) and suddenly the reason came.

I was stripping MY bed…I owned a bed. I was putting fresh sheets and blankets on my bed (I had extra sets). I was bringing the wet ones downstairs to the washer and dryer (I owned a washer and dryer)….it was winter and I was inside my warm house. Giving thanks for “no good reason”produced waves of gratitude inside of me. I wasn’t just saying thank you, I was feeling it. This supposed “bad” had given me a much greater good (gift)…I went to bed that night with deep feelings of gratitude for my life (and a much more powerful story for the next day’s talk!).

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  1. While it might be difficult to be grateful for cat pee, you could say that you were grateful for having many things. Such as a washer and dryer which are very handy to have especially on cold snowy days when it isn’t so convenient to dash outdoors to hang clothes. You can be grateful for comforter covers, for new flannel sheets, and for cats – even if they leak! Especially cats like Fred.

  2. Thank you, Mary for that beautiful reminder! It’s all about perspective. We can look at the good in our lives, or spend our time focusing on what we perceive to be the “bad stuff”. And that kind of focus only creates more “bad stuff”! I know this, yet I sometimes find myself falling into that trap. Your post was a gentle nudge for me to keep being grateful! Thank you. – SerenaK

    1. Yes! and I really like being around grateful people too!
      thank you TIsh,

  3. What a great example this story has set! So easy to follow in one’s own life…….just redirect your focus and you will come out feeling blessed. Thanks, Mary.

    1. it is amazing isn’t it?….I wonder why I forget this.
      thank you for your email!

  4. Mary you are my new inspiration! I want to thank Jon Katz for introducing me to you on his website! I look forward to your blog now, too….

  5. In all things give thanks . . . doesn’t it makes things easier when we remember to do that? Even if we have to look a little deeper at times. Thank you . . . for reminding us of that. I am always so thankful for water, especially when it comes right out of a faucet with a choice of hot or cold. How many people will never know that simple luxury? Thank you for letting us know you!

    1. Hi JoAnne,
      Yes it does make things so much easier and life unfolds in such a richer way…almost like a divine mystery…a friend of mine always says, “I am looking forward to seeing how good life can get!” (no matter what is happening with her).I love that.
      Thank you for email today!

  6. I’m keeping a Gratitude Journal. A very easy one that I got at Battenkill Books. (A Jack Canfield product). The journal has five lines for each day – who doesn’t have 5 simple things to be grateful for each day – even if it is just the five fingers on each hand. I am very fortunate in my life. Each day I reduce down my blessings to “five easy pieces” related to my Home, Husband, Children, Cats, Dogs….& more…
    P.S. I am grateful for your blog, Mary. I wish you a day filled with blessings. Mary Rita

    1. Hi Mary Rita, I am going to check out the journals there…maybe today! Sending blessings your way as well. Mary

  7. I give thanks on a day like today, cold and windy and not nice at all, that I am 70, retired and can stay home.
    And I have a stack of books our wonderful library brought me….(and a Godiva chocolate bar stashed away for later!) Life is good….

    1. very nice!! Godiva chocolate is one thing that I too am very grateful for too…my mouth is watering just thinking of it!

  8. I have 8 cats and I know about that wet spot. I have said several things when my toes hit that, “thank you” was never one. I thank you for the reminder and I WILL say it from now on. Thank you for posting your site, I love it.

    1. …i must confess Sally, “thank you” was not what I felt like saying!!
      Thanks for your support!

  9. I say Thank You many times a day, because I am just that for this life I have been given. However when I have been aroused from sleep when a kitten peed on my chest the air turned blue. When my infant son awoke me wizzing a stream that my face was the reciepent, the air turned blue. Those accidents happened about 33 years ago. They still bring a chuckle today. They are precious memories for no GOOD reason. If I had said thank you then instead of turning the air blue I feel I would have retained a lot of stress. Or perhaps my way of saying Thank You was different back then. Thanks for tickling a memory cell.

  10. Thanks – I need more gratitude in my life for all of the good things that are there. We do often forget them, no not really forget, just fail to notice that they are there, we take so much for granted in our blessed living.

    1. Hi Peg, You know, the more I am grateful, the better I feel and I am always so surprised that I need to be reminded of this! Thank you for writing! Mary

  11. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for the beautiful example of practicing gratitude. Being Thankful, Practicing Gratitude – powerful and beautiful to spend time on this earth in that energy.
    There is a strong positive field around the energy of gratitude. I find that gratitude can come from my mind or can come out of my heart.
    When it comes as a mental practice my brain is forming a pattern, a positive habit, which develops and strengthens each time I practice mindful gratitude.
    When the gratitude folds out of my heart it connects me with a greater field of energy – a field of love. And I can feel it – in my body.
    When I practice gratitude through the mind and the heart, it is “yoking” – or as the yogis’ say bringing “Mind, Body, Spirit” together.

    This is what I enjoy doing in my life right now, to the best of my ability, each day, in small and large ways, with those I am close to and those whom I meet in daily life. It’s a good place to be in.

    1. Wow Lynn! what a powerful and beautiful image/concept of yoking. I have never heard it explained like that. Thank you, Mary

  12. Hi Mary,
    It is wonderful to be mindful of all I have to be grateful for. Loved your posting & those that followed.

    1. Hi Jill!
      Thank you for that…the one about my feet had you in it!!
      Love to you all,

  13. It is easy to be grateful for your post today Mary, and wonderful to look at something that would probably evoke a much darker sentiment from me, in a new light. Thank you! You are a gift I look forward to each day.

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