cell phones and laughter

Pretending I know how to use this!

3  days ago I was thinking about whether or not to get a cell phone and took the leap later that day, called Verizon and ordered one. This still feels like a very big deal to me, never having owned (and only occassionally borrowed)  a cell phone before. It arrived on Wed. morning. I am pretty good at reading manuals but this did not come with one. It did have a 2 page insert on how to activate the phone so I began going through the steps… it wasn’t working. I started saying to myself out loud (when I felt anxiety building), “This is going to be wonderful Mary. There is no need to worry. All is well.”  I talk to myself frequently when I need to re-center. Often I’ll just say, “You are doing a really good job. I am proud of you!” …something I would say to a little child.

After about 1/2 hour of trying, my phone automatically dialed Verizon customer service. A very sweet girl (I realize she must have technically been a woman but she sounded like she was 15 so risking political incorrectness, I must call her a girl), answered and tried to help me. We went through all sorts of steps and then she told me to dial *228 and push a few buttons. I tried it, nothing happened. Tried again, and again and then I heard something strange…like giggling…it got louder and my little friend from Verizon said, in between her giggles, “Ms. Muncil, you have to …giggle, giggle, giggle, hang up the phone (giggle) first”. She could not stop herself…it reminded me of being in high school (or church) where you were not supposed to laugh but couldn’t help yourself.

She was laughing at me!  I said, “I am very glad that you are having a good time.” and she said, “You have made my day much more fun Ms. Muncil.” I’ve never experienced this before. I’ve gotten patient, impatient, bored, nice, kind, disgusted, and friendly customer service representatives to help me over the years, but never one that could not stop laughing at my technical challenges. It was absolutely wonderful….makes me smile to re-tell it!

P.S. I still do not know how to use my cell phone. I am going to Albany today to the Apple store to take a class…I hope the people there are as much fun!

5 thoughts on “cell phones and laughter”

  1. Mary, you are computer savvy and write a blog. You will be fine. Enjoy your class!

  2. Mary

    All I can say is with these manuals, you need a manual to understand them and I certainly understand what you mean. I had a younger friend put music on mine. The young people today seem to plug into these things right away. Like yourself I am not uneducated but it makes you feel that way, right. Take care now and God bless and have a good day.

  3. Mary:
    Cellphones do seem to have their own unique codes…
    I started with a simple Tracfone from one of the >>>Mart’s…
    and then buy minutes as I need them.
    Per Consumer Reports etc. that (prepaid minute phones – Tracfone & other names) is the CHEAPEST way …you don’t have that monthly charge for all kinds of minutes you may never use.
    Since I have twice ran them thru a washer I have had to buy a new one 2x in the last 3 years but they are only @ $20 and this one takes pics and is blue tooth enabled and can connect to the web. (I only use the photo thing ).
    These are fairly simple to use…I use my computer for “computer like things” – looking things up etc. and save my cellphone for when I’m away from home.
    Using it for just what I want it to do…phone someone or have someone get hold of me when they need to (briefly).
    I abhor people in stores on one that “go on and on” and you end up knowing more @ their family than your own,HAA!
    Good luck. You’ll catch on. My thought is…how much do you want the phone to do for you and then you only need to pay for that.
    Glad you made someone laugh…FUN!!!
    Best, Karen

  4. Thank Heavens I’m not alone! I, too, am electronically challenged. Laughed so hard at this story, I had tears running down my face. Thanks for being brave and sharing.

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