Realizing our dreams (and the winner of the contest!)

"Happiness is the Best Medicine" sculpture of Jack's that he sold last year...19th century mortar, 1920's wooden game balls mounted with 19th century iron bars.

A few months ago, the producer for a small theater production called Jack and asked him to be in his play. He was going to be cast as an old dead guy in the cemetery. He was flattered  (which I find hard to understand…if someone called me up and said that I had the perfect look for their dead old woman character, the last thing I would feel is flattered) but that is Jack for you. He rarely judges anyone …always thinks people are good and kind… has maintained a childlike innocence about life that is so appealing.

He told me he was going to take the part. Now, you must understand, Jack is in no way an actor. He was once asked to sit on the set of a small little production here in town and speak one line;, “Boy, this looks like a good sandwich.” He stressed about this for weeks….kept practicing it over and over , even said it in his sleep…and it never sounded “natural”.

So when he said he was going to take this part, I asked him why? (knowing that it would take all of his creative energy and focus until the play was over). He said he thought it might be interesting. I dropped it but kept thinking it was not a good idea. He is just opening a gallery for his sculpture (he turned 60 this past year and this is a life-long dream) and I knew that the play would side track him. I finally just said, “Do you really feel that this is the right thing for you at this time?” He said he was feeling uneasy and hadn’t yet committed…he decided not to do it.

He went to the play the other night. In the morning he said, before I could ask, “I am SO glad that i did not take that part. I can see how much time and energy it would have taken. Thank you for pushing me to examine my motives.” We need all sorts of people in our lives…some are natural at being silent supporters, some push us to examine our motives and get clear…to focus,  some push us past our comfort zones and introduce new ideas, technology…

There are so many “temptations” on the road to realizing our dreams…they say, “Come this way, pay attention to me, ….” some we must answer, some just waste our time….no one can go inside of us and “feel” what is right…that is an inside job but people can help us.  Learning to listen to, and to trust, that little voice that always knows the right path…this is the work of life…


p.s. THANK YOU  to everyone who entered my contest…if you enjoyed it, let me know and I’ll do another soon. The winner is: Barb C. from West Bend , WI!!!

9 thoughts on “Realizing our dreams (and the winner of the contest!)”

  1. Mary, your contest was fun and as always your little life lessons are well worth reading – much to ponder.

    Mary N.

  2. Mary,
    I loved your contest and learning about your product! Congratulations to Barb C. From West Bend!

  3. Mary once again, you reach out to me with your words and thoughts. I appreciate you so much! Congrats to the winner of the contest!

  4. I DID enjoy the contest… never even knew about your skin balm until the contest… and bought some and LOVE it! My hands/feet already look 10 years younger! 😛

  5. I loved the contest and can’t wait for the next…
    I want Jack’s sculpture! What a cheery, whimsical piece. (That’s how I feel about Jack too)
    Mary, your blog IS my daily therapy; it’s like having you whispering wise thoughts in my ear. Thank you.

  6. The contest was a great idea. Yes, do it again.

    My daughter and I saw Our Town in our town on Thurs. Night and loved it! But I can see how your husband made the best choice for himself. Sometimes, I hesitate to ask a question, if I think I am crossing a boundary, or am covertly attempting to control. My intention is important. Before I ask certain questions of others, I need to examine my motives too!
    A sometimes controlling mother! Who Me?

  7. The contest was fun! Hope you do more. Congrats to the winner! I ordered the skin balm and can’t wait to get it. I’m going to try it on my face. If it makes me look 10 years younger, I’ll be ordering a case of it.

  8. Just wanted to say how excited I was to hear that I had won the contest! I can’t wait to try the skin balm. Your blog is thought provoking with words of wisdom. Thanks so very much 🙂

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