Liking everyone?


Will Rogers...I would have liked him


I once read a quote by Will Rogers, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Of all of the funny, wise things that he said in his lifetime, this is line that he wanted carved on his head stone. Could he really have liked every man that he met?…Is it even possible? I like hearing things that are so outrageously “big”, they stretch my conception of what it can mean to be human … expansive to my personal experience of life,  that they feel impossible, but give me something to aspire to.

What an amazingly friendly place this world would be if I even assumed that I would like every person that I met, and what a fun intention to set for the day…the week, how about for the rest of the time that I have to share here on earth?!

I will be 56 this co-incident with the “date of departure” of Will Rogers who died when he was 56…I don’t have a second to lose… or to waste in not liking someone.

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  1. I once heard the comment, “Hurt people hurt.” When I keep that in mind, I can usually realize that the person I am having a difficult time liking is just another hurting human being.

  2. I love this blog!! Thank you Mary for reminding us that everyone deserves to be liked and we all deserve to allow ourselves to like everyone.

    I, maybe wrongfully, see myself as a person who scouts for a likable quality in all folks, even though some can prove to be rather challenging. But I would hope that everyone has their charming side if we could just allow ourselves to look hard and long enough. Put in this crazy world of instant gratification, I fear, it’s becoming a sadly lost talent. It would appear that our patience may be getting the best of us. But how grand if that were to be the case for us all.

    Will Rogers was a dear.

  3. Your wonderful entry reminds me of something else I read, underlined and noted in Easwaran’s book The End of Sorrow: “One of the eloquent laws of life is that when you do not dislike anything, only the things you like come your way…” Of course he was speaking about jobs – if you dislike and quit a job, the next job could be worse! However, we could substitute “people” for “anything/things” and Voila! Will Rogers’ mind-set!

  4. Having grown up in Oklahoma in the general area where Will Rogers had lived, I’ve heard his quotes all my life, especially this one. He apparently was a well liked man who in turn enjoyed people. “Word on the street” would be that Will Rogers just avoided folks he might not care for. I offer this comment with a grain of salt.

    I am a recent subscriber and I do like your writings. Thank you for your contribution to my day.

  5. It is a difficult challenge to like everyone. Can you like the person that hurts a loved one, abuses animals, rapes your child? Some people are very hard to like. I think we need to start out by at least caring about everyone and perhaps making an effort to understand them. You really don’t have to like someone to care about them. I have found very few people I can’t like when I take the time to know and understand them.

  6. I am struggling with this one. Certainly on a normal day in a general sense, one could aspire to such intentions. But at some point it turns to dish water for me. Read unclear.

    Its like saying Adolf Hitler was a good leader because he made the trains run on time. Certainly weve found something positive to say, and are focused on his strong suits. But who cares? Iam caught between the rock of being a realist and the hard place of understanding that without a doubt, we create much of our own reality. Selective vision only works to a point….right?

  7. While I think Will Rogers was a great man of his times, I am learning to be okay with not liking everyone, I think you can pray or ask blessings for someone with questionable “likeatude” and then honor the feeling that you prefer not to spend time with that same person, unless he/she happens to be family and then that’s a whole other kettle of fish! Ha ha

  8. Love this….it truly is a waste of time not liking people and it
    lowers your frequency! Thanks for the thought

    P.S. He kind of reminds me of Jack

  9. I don’t think that it’s possible to ‘like’ everyone. There are some truly evil people in this world (those who abuse horses, dogs, cats, and children). That’s just reality.

    1. Agreed. I also enjoy that people whom I don’t like challenge me to improve my diplomacy skills!

  10. Mary — good thought — must remember this adage as I travel about in my world. I think Will must be originally from KY as they have the most friendly folks here that I have ever met in all my travels. — barbara

  11. Mary, this will go nicely with the Great Hug Campaign. 🙂

    I like you, Mary.


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