Ben’s Bells

The other day, Susan A. from Arizona sent me the link to this incredible story about spreading love.

“This morning in our Phoenix newspaper magazine section there was the most beautiful article about a woman who harnessed her overwhelming grief at losing her baby son to a sudden respiratory failure, into making “Ben’s Bells”  –  here, I found her webpage – it says it better than I:”

This story made me want to do something like this too…to give kindness, hope, love and support to “anyone who happens to walk by”. I don’t believe that we have to have ever met for love to be communicated. There is a beautiful scene at the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life” where Jimmy Stewart is holding his daughter and a bell on the Christmas tree rings and she says,

“Look Daddy, teacher says that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” So today, remember when you hear a bell ring that love is coming to you from an “unseen” place!


9 thoughts on “Ben’s Bells”

  1. What a wonderful story! And what I find kind of amazing is that the bells are not for sale, to get one you have to find one. An unusual twist in our materialistic world.

    1. I loved everything about this story but that aspect (of having to find a bell) really touched me too Lisa!

  2. I also loved this story except for the very sad part about Ben’s death. A cousin of mine, Denise, did something wonderful with the energy of her grief…and now that I think of it- it was the same year, 2002. Denise spent the year following her son’s death ( suicide at age 18) organizing a family reunion in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. Her efforts enabled me to meet my 4 aunts on my father’s side. I had never met them before, and 3 of them have died since. She deicated the event to her son, Steve. She also quit her job to become a full time writer for a Suicide Prevention Journal. I am going back into the Ben’s Bells Website to read more about “Belling”. Denise Leisz Pazur deserves some of Ben’s Bells.

  3. Good morning Mary! I am so happy you shared the Ben’s Bells article with your readers this morning! Makes me feel like his precious spirit and his mother’s pure intent to spread kindness are being joined by so many people, and maybe even hosts of angels! , – Imagine, indeed, as John Lennon said so many years ago. May we all hear a bell today, even if it’s a silent one deep within our heart, ringing sweetly, – be well, and be kind.

  4. Something happened to me this morning that left me shaking with anger. Then I opened your blog and read this wonderful piece and it was JUST what I needed to ‘normalize’ my emotions. What a beautiful story. It became a ‘bell’ for me today. Thank you, Mary, for what you give to us all.

  5. This story moved me so much. I was able to go online. I bought three of them! I can’t wait to hang them. I’m hoping they will come with the note.

    What a treasure this story is! Thanks Mary!!!!

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