taking the plastic covers off!


the "new" couch

We bought a new couch the other day. As soon as I saw it I knew it was “perfect” for us. When I told Jack that it was white he cringed a little. …but it is big, soft, wide and oh so comfortable with a little rip on the upper left corner. It is perfect for us because of the rip and the fact that it was “previously owned”…in good shape, not new. New, unblemished things don’t fit well with our lifestyle. They are going to get scratched, spilled on, jumped on, and eventually “used up” and replaced.

I remember, years ago, visiting a friend whose parents (Mr. and Mrs. Morris to me) had fitted plastic covers on the sofa and chairs. You could see the beautiful fabric through the stiff, clear plastic but those suckers were really uncomfortable to sit on…I think that was the point. Her parents wanted to preserve the good, keep it from changing…I could not understand that at the time…I do now. After all, back then, I wasn’t buying furniture or paying mortgages or car payments.

As I get older, I can feel this part of me that wants to keep things from changing…to preserve the unpreservable…my body, the color of my hair,  my relationships, my home…but everything is changing, growing, being born, dying…it is the flow of life and all of the plastic covers in the world won’t stop it. Life will just become a stiff and uncomfortable parade circumstances to be resisted rather than joined….life is messy at times..it is furry, and dirty and wet and sometimes slimy…bring it on!!

P.S. I finally bought a new (to me) car last week too. The previous owners obviously did not have a dog….if they did, it was a very small, neat, fur-less one…not anything like Luke. The car is very, very clean. I need to “take the plastic covers off” and invite my life in…oh, ouch…I really understand the Morrises now!