Contest day, celebrate!

new stamps at the post office

I saw these stamps at the post office the other day. I didn’t need stamps, so I wasn’t going to buy them and then I thought, I cannot leave without these…I feel happy when I look at them…., “FOREVER CELEBRATE!” … what better words could I attach to any message going out to the world? There is always something that I can “celebrate”…even quietly: a smile, a good cup of coffee, a cold glass of water…right out of my own faucet, a comfortable chair, our connection here…the list is endless if I really look.


I think it is time for another contest! I had the idea yesterday to offer a skin balm (Mary’s Skin Survival Balm of course) to the winner like I did last time, but to add a fun twist. Once a random winner is chosen by me, that person goes on the blog and picks someone who they would like another sent to. So I will not only mail out the balm to the winner, but will mail another to the person of their choice (who has also entered the contest).

If you would like to play along, here are the rules:

1. Have fun doing it!

2. Go to my website,  and find the answer to the question , “Who is the first person to write a testimonial?” (hint…look on the Testimonials Page…this is not a trick question!)

a. Sister Madonna Buder   b. Tom Getz    c. Luke Metzger

3.Choose the correct answer and then post the letter in a comment on my blog. I will choose one winner on Saturday, April 2nd and then the winner will choose someone after that.

35 thoughts on “Contest day, celebrate!

  1. I believe it was Sister Madonna you wrote the first testimonial about your survival balm. I will ‘celebrate’ if I win…. or ‘celebrate’ if I don’t..

  2. Sister Madonna Buder wrote the first testimonial. I’m going to the post office today to buy some stamps and CELEBRATE!

  3. Sister Madonna Bruder!
    I love the stamps am going out to get some,

    I agree, celebrate the day, being alive, functioning, life……………..

  4. “This remarkable balm is not only soothing to the touch, but has amazing qualities to penetrate from the outside in to the area of distress. I had only to apply it two or three times to avoid getting a contusion on my hip after a hard fall. On another occasion, it relieved a strained shoulder so that moving it was no longer uncomfortable. I highly recommend it.”

    Sister Madonna Buder
    Internationally known Ironman Champion

    The answer is…..Sister Madonna Buder!

    Celebration! There is hope for my very weather worn musical hands! I would like to order some now! Off to figure out how to accomplish this mission!

    P.S. Celebrate! You bet!!!! This am when I was out w/ my “girls” I watched Chickadees in and out of the Bluebird house. Nice!….always Thank you!

  5. I’m gonna go with A, Sister Madonna. 🙂

    Every day in every way I am getting better and better.


  6. Mary,
    Thank you for reminding us to celebrate the small events of each day.
    The answer to your contest is a. Sister Madonna Buder. I will celebrate the winner of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm.

  7. Hi Mary, I’d like to enter you contest, the answer is Sister Madona Buder. I look forward to trying your alm for my dry old hands. I love your blog, it’s a great way to start the day. Many thanks, Jayne.

  8. And the answer is: Sister Madonna Buder!

    Thanks for posting about the stamps, I’m definitely getting some for myself.

    And thanks for your blog, I love reading it every day. There always seems to be timely messages of hope and reminders of how lucky we really are.

  9. The answer is a.) Sister Madonna Buder. Thanks for the contest. It caused me to review the Testimonials, which I had read before, but appreciated reading again.
    Thanks also for the wonderful stamps info. My son is getting married this 4th of July weekend ( July 3rd ). He and his fiancé have been using the fireworks theme on their “Save-the-date” cards and their wedding website. These
    “Celebrate Forever” stamps will be perfect for their Formal Invitations. I will buy some ASAP. Keep smiling everyone!

  10. My girlfriend and I have always been huge fans of ‘simple pleasures’ and how much joy they can extent one on any given day at any given time. A little joy you can give yourself; inexpensive and non-stressful to boot.

    I love this post. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate our good fortunes and simple pleasures frequently; however small .

    I have yet to try your balm, but it’s on my list………………I would say that the answer is: a. Sister Madonna Buder. Wow, what a testimonial. I’ll have to definitely have to move the purchase up my list of ‘to dos’.

  11. Sister Madonna Buder.

    I enjoy reading your blog. I get a cup of coffee in the morning and sit down to check on you, Jon Katz and Maria Wulf.

  12. The answer is Sister Madonna. I can add my testimonial to the others – has worked great on cracked heels. Have also applied it to my cat’s excoriated areas on her legs and it seems to be soothing and has helped heal.

    Get Stamps is on my to-do list. Now I know just which ones to get! They will be appropriate even on bills, can celebrate and give thanks for being able to pay them.

  13. “Consider the postage stamp: Its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there” Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw – 1818-1885). Now Mary has pointed out another wothwhile use. Thanks Mary!

    The answer is (a), Sr. Madonna.

  14. I used to love ‘open book’ tests!— a.) Sister Madonna Buder.

    And I cyber- celebrate Jon Katz every day (hope he feels the love :>) for not only Bedlam Farm Journal but for introducing his lovely, talented wife Maria’s work AND you, Mary, to us all. That makes us all winners!!

  15. Hi Mary,
    ohhhh, so many people already – and all with the right answer: Her Royal Athlete Sister Madonna Buder of course! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing some of your ‘aha’ moments with us – isn’t the internet a true testament to the social nature of us humans. If technology can bring us closer I am all for it!
    Very best wishes from Northern British Columbia

  16. answer is a. Thanks for the personal email after my first comment. That’s a very thoughtful thing to do…

  17. Sister Madonna Buder

    Mary thank you for the reminder that there is always so much to celebrate!
    Carol Davis

  18. Sister Madonna Buder is the answer. Isn’t it amazing what small things can give us pleasure!

  19. Dear Mary,

    I have got them!!
    The earrings I mean…They found their way to the small village in the Netherlands where I live!!
    I’m so happy with them…And with the way you made such a lovely package…..
    Well.THANK YOU soooooooooo MUCH !!

    Have a nice day.
    ( the sun is shining and the temp will be 20 C they promised,the first day this year we can eat outside)

    greetings to all the readers here

    • Hi Ingrid! I am so happy that they arrived and that you like them. If you would like to send a photograph of you wearing them please do! Have a wonderful sunny day! Love, Mary

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