Looking for something to love (and the winners of the Mary’s Skin Survival Balm)

Kitty tracks!

My mother and I met for breakfast yesterday. As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, she said, “These are not all that comfortable (pointing to her shoes) I’m going to look for another pair today.” I looked down at her feet. She was wearing sandals. No socks. Even though it was April 2nd, there was still a dusting of snow on the ground from a little storm we had the night before.

I said, “Mom, aren’t your feet cold?” She laughed and said, “I am just so sick of wearing shoes and winter. I am trying to encourage the spring!” I love this about my mother.

I would not have noticed this, or more correctly, appreciated this, a few years ago…when I was not looking for something to love about her. This funny, quirky little thing would have either been annoying or ignored. Yesterday, as I looked at her feet, I felt delighted…she is going to be 84 this year and she is wearing sandals in 30 degree weather…you’ve got to love that!

There is always something to love about everyone. Sometimes it is hard work to see it, but it makes life a lot more enjoyable when I do!

***Susan L. of Canton Ohio won the first skin balm and she chose Sally B. (also of Canton) to receive the second!*****

11 thoughts on “Looking for something to love (and the winners of the Mary’s Skin Survival Balm)”

  1. I love this thought Mary! I was thinking that I want to teach love through my meditation classes….love as a choice! Mother does has a little magic to her! Love you!

  2. Your mom is such an optimist, good for her! The other day I was painting the ceiling in my family room, I bumped my paint tray and it fell coating the wall, the brick on the fire place and the carpet. After my initial horror and expletive I got busy cleaning it all up and got it taken care of. I began thinking of you and your message of positive thinking and it came to me. Well that’s one wall i’m done washing and isn’t it great that the carpet is being replaced on Monday! Thanks, Mary, for helping me tap in to the happy!

  3. Thanks Mary! Even with the people we love – sometimes we look at them and think, why do I love this person. Looking for specific things to love about them would give us more things to be thankful for. I need to start now.

  4. Hi Mary – this is a sweet, funny, & true blog. Yesterday, my daughter & I did the Salem April Fools Run/Walk (5K). We were both so proud of ourselves!
    Then we went shopping for dresses for my son’s wedding…now all we could see about ourselves was that we each had some weight to lose! Katharine & I need to tell each other everyday at least one unique, funny, sweet, endearing thing that we like about ourselves and each other. Maybe saying sweet things will help us to avoid eating sweet things! Love & a Cyber Hug, Mary Rita

  5. I agree with your mother. We have had enough of Winter. It is time to think of Spring with lighter clothes and freeing our toes.

  6. The kitty (from the tracks in photo) and your Mom are kindred spirits! Who needs shoes, when you have a warm heart… and insistent intentions of spring.

  7. The more I live the more I realize how I create my reality.
    Your story of how you look at your mom differently now and consequently have a different experience of her reminded me of this. I can choose to change how I look at someone and, in the end, see so much that I didn’t see before–or see it in a way that allows for that person to be who they are, with my full acceptance. And what a different feeling that is for me.
    What a joy for your mom that you could be ok with her sandles in cold weather.

  8. I’m a little behind on your blogs but wanted to comment on this one anyway. I love this story about you and your Mom, yes it’s about love but I think about acceptance too. Perhaps as we ourselves get older, we are looking at our mothers a little differently…and yes, finding more things to love about them. xoxo

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