Enchanted April, no coincidences, and a movie recommendation!

It is sunny here today (Sunday)…39 degrees and beautiful. I just got home from my morning meditation and thought, “Something must be trying to bloom in the yard. I need to see flowers!” and headed outside with my camera. I saw these sweet little blue heads pushing their way through the dead leaves and grass…so hopeful! Just as I was walking back to the house, Jack pulled into our driveway (I figured he had forgotten something because he left only 15 minutes earlier). I said, “What did you forget?” and he said, “I ‘forgot’ to give you these” and handed me a bouquet of tulips!

Wow, wow, wow does the world line up with our wishes sometimes…so unbelievealby fast. Jack had no idea that I was out looking for flowers at the same time he was looking for flowers for me too. A sweet little reminder; a wink from the Universe. When I keep my eyes open for beauty, more and more of it shows up….whatever I focus on, eventually finds its way into my life.


If you have not seen the movie, Enchanted April, and you like stories of love and positive outcomes and hope then you need to see this! It is one of my all time favorites.

9 thoughts on “Enchanted April, no coincidences, and a movie recommendation!”

  1. Love the message of connection and Ilove the movie too…the shift in perception and miracles!

  2. I missed a photo of those tulips.HAha.
    Don’t know the movie……will try to get it.Like posstive outcomes!!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Thank you Mary. It is so true – what ever it is that we focus on does – or will find it’s way into our lives. The good news here is that we DO have the choice in what we pay attention to – and opportunity abounds – aligning ourselves with it is the challenge. We have to do the “showing up” part!

    I so appreciate your posts – such a wonderful way to start my day, and it helps keep me on track.

    Enchanted April is one of my all time favorites – that and Waking Ned Divine!

  4. April is an enchanted time. Almost a fantasy world. Each day and after each shower seems to bring life anew. The trees, flowers and grasses take their time coming back to life as if to give a person time to admire the different colors and shapes each has to share. Thanks for the movie tip.

  5. Love it when God winks or the universe..!! 🙂
    Coleridge stated “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous!” (or something like that). Love it…sometimes I call them “God-Incidences!” too…whatever, a wonderful reminder of Love.
    Warm here in E IA yesterday, then big Hail last night…now so cold I wore a winter coat to walk TedE!
    Today is my friend Marilyn’s wake (she died Wed. night peacefully…I had been able to tell her I loved her that afternoon! )…and tomorrow is her Mass at the Cathedral. I do the first reading and petitions (a grace)….!
    Right now is another funeral Mass, an 82 yr old lady from @ 6 blocks away who walked her 2 white dogs (Ricky & Lucy) all over. Got a stroke or aneurysm while out raking last week!
    I’m heading over to join the funeral choir.
    Blessings all from this part of the world!

  6. I like that Karen, “God-incidences!” Thank you too for sharing what has to be sadness at the passing of your friend, Marilyn and the other lady too. Know that friends you’ve never even met, your White Feather Sisters 🙂 will be lifting our voices with you as you sing in the choir. The tulips are beautiful Mary! A good day to all!

  7. I had a lovely dream last night about a friend who died of an inoperable brain tumor several years ago. The first email I open this morning contained a poem perfect for her husband. I quickly sent a note to him. There are no coincidences!

  8. How lovely that the flowers came to you as they did. You were truly “in the flow.”
    Your search out in the yard reminded me of how, as a child, I use to wander around in early March looking for little green growing things that would tell me Spring was coming. Many springs have come and gone since then but I still feel that urge in early March to go out and take a look

  9. You put my emotions and feelings into words! Thanks Mary! I appreciate your post.. God bless!

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