dropping everything


Guess what we had for dinner?!



When I was a kid, dropping everything, to go play with a friend, was a top priority.  The older I’ve gotten and the more responsible, the less I have dropped things to go out and “play”,  and the fewer spontaneous invitations come into my life. Late Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of a writing project, and the start of making dinner, a friend called to say that she had just adopted a cat. I felt this surge of delight and wanted to see her…but she lives 5 miles away, I needed to finish my project and dinner….

I closed my computer, turned off the stove and jumped into my car. Off and on for the next hour, my friend and I alternated between lying down on her bedroom floor, talking to her new kitty  who was hiding behind a shoe box under the bed,  and drinking tea. It was so much fun! Sometimes I have to say no to invitations, but I suspect that most of the time, I have just gotten it into my mind that I need to stick to my schedule. One of my intentions for the second half of my life is to have more fun, be more silly, do things “just because” even if it doesn’t make sense ….life and Spirit are so much bigger than my schedule!


A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down. — Robert Benchley, humorist