Do it flamboyantly?!

do I dare change this much?

I’ve been a runner for 33 years and for most of these, ran in New Balance followed by Asics, which are big, well-cushioned, heavy shoes. Supportive, protective, serious shoes. Having a 9.5- 10 shoe size (for a woman) also adds to the serious look of the shoe. They are BIG shoes.

A few months ago I read about a new type of running shoe called “Barefoot “shoes…some brands even have individual toes in them. They are supposed to mimic barefoot running and improve posture, and all sort of other things. I felt a spark of curiosity, interest, fun…

I was in a shoe store the other day looking for sandals, and I saw a display for these Barefoot…running shoes? …. I had to at least try them on. ..Heaven, and I mean it. I had never worn such a comfortable pair of shoes (running or not)  in my life. My mind began, “Do I dare buy them? What if I get injured? Is this a stupid move?…” Yet, they almost called out to me, “Why not try?” This could be fun! How can life move you into better things if you cling to the old?” I had read this quote by William James, To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions, the same morning as my shopping trip and thought when I read it,  “How do I change flamboyantly?”

Yesterday, I ran in my Barefoot shoes…I felt almost illegal, like someone was going to yell, “Go change your shoes! What are you running in? Those aren’t running shoes! You are going to get hurt!”.. Of course no one did, or would, …it’s just the critical voice in my head that seems to wait to “ambush” me if I step out of the box.  I tell it to be quiet…that I am having fun.  Sometimes I have to ask myself questions like, “If you knew that you only had a month to live, would you wear the shoes?”…somehow this type of question helps me get clear, because when the answer is YES, then I know what my choice needs to be….maybe flamboyant change can happen one step at a time…as long as I take that step.

11 thoughts on “Do it flamboyantly?!”

  1. I like the look of those shoes Mary! I have a pair of Mary Jane style shoes that are “casual” shoes that I love to wear to go for a walk in – they are so comfortable – but because they aren’t official “walking shoes” – I some how feel like I shouldn’t really wear them for exercise – which is silly, I know. I was just wishing the other day that that athletic shoes were made in that style!

    1. Hi Diane,
      They are from The Merrell Barefoot collection.
      Have a great day!

  2. Good for you! Congratulations! It’s never to late to make changes and barefoot shoes sound divine! Brings back memories of childhood barefoot summers. Thank you.

  3. This reminds me of taking my sandals to 4-H Camp on a lark, then spraining my ankle. So in case it doesn’t work out, these new running shoes with less support, have some homeopathic arnica montana gel on hand.

  4. Flamboyant change! Seems like you have to open your heart and not be afraid to do that, or maybe it can work the other way around? What a wonderfully scary idea.

  5. I have been reading “Born to Run” about the Tarahumara people of Mexico by Christopher McDougall – best long-distance, endurance runners in the world – and they run in sandals cut from old tires and laced on! Very interesting read and if you are a runner you probably would enjoy it. They run for the joy of it – and are still smiling at the end of many, many, miles. The women run in skirts – they love to run. Makes me think I could run.

  6. I’ve been running around Cambridge all day: to the Village Store, to the Post office, to the Bank…running here, running there…just read this now. But it was a fun day. Loved seeing people out on the street playing “catch” with ball & mitts. The train came by…I thought of you…”Is Mary’s office shaking”?
    What a town! Our Town – I love it. If ever I would leave it, it wouldn’t be in Springtime. The seasons are flamboyant in Upstate New York. No exceptions.

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