“One door is shut, but a thousand are open.” (Argentinean proverb)

Door on Beacon Street

I passed by this door on Beacon street a few days ago. Something made me stop in my tracks…a feeling of deja vu. I had been a student in the Boston area many years ago and maybe I saw this door then. It didn’t matter. What struck me was how beautiful it was and how “closed”. I don’t think it is in use anymore…it now serves as part of the enclosure for the beautiful brownstone behind it.

My mind was back  to 25 years ago, thinking of how much I thought I knew (in my early 30’s) and how much I didn’t….of how hard I was trying to make an impression on those around me instead of getting to know who they were…all of the sudden, I was filled with regret. Regretting an unconcious past… what a waste of time that is. This thought sprung into my mind:  “Will I be passing another door in 25 years and think, Oh, I was only 55 and I was so unconscious…I missed so much!”  I hope not.

What doors are open right now? ….I love that thought!!

7 thoughts on ““One door is shut, but a thousand are open.” (Argentinean proverb)”

  1. oh wouldn’t it be interesting to be born w/ the wisdom of age,
    but how boring to already Know and never learn. enjoy!

  2. Good morning Mary…I could have written this, thank you for your insights…I love reading them!

  3. Hi Mary…once again you have set the tone for my day (and several days thereafter)! You always seem to take us places that we might not have been awake enough to take ourselves. Thanks for that.

  4. Hello Mary – thank you for these wise words. I walked through the door of New Skete Monastery yesterday to attend a Holy Thursday Service. There were only about 30 people there, but, I recognized about 10 of them. A nun I knew from Curves, of all places, spoke to me afterwards, telling me about the interesting and inspiring Good Friday Service there tonight at 7pm. Will I walk through that Monastery door tonight? Will I raise my consciousness? I will let you know.
    Either way. I will be o.k. with myself.

  5. I’m thinking about that cool door which doesn’t remind me of something closed as much as it reminds me of a doorway into another universe.

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