celebrating our strenghts

Something that Sally B. wrote yesterday really hit me., “And if others don’t notice the “flaws,” we’ll point them out for them!”  This is so true. It reminded me of a time when I was working for a community of nuns, and one of my duties was to cook dinner. I rarely thought that it was good enough, and would find myself making little apologies to them before almost every meal.  One day, as I was driving home, having just made a dinner of macaroni and cheese, that I was sure was “grainy”, I turned on NPR and Julia Child’s voice was booming from my radio,  “Never apologize for your cooking!” and then the commentator said, “The words of the late Julia Child, who died today…” I knew it was a message from spirit to me.

So today, let’s celebrate what we do right…what we do really well. After all it is a day of new beginnings…a holiday called many different names, but ultimately celebrating a bigger life. Instead of pointing out our shortcomings to others, today,  we could point out our strengths!

I invite you to share on this blog what you do really well…state it in the boldest words possible like, “I am really good at……” or  “I am a great……” (Feel free to say  it in as many or as few words as you like).

I’ll start this off,

I am a really good cook!

Love to you all, Mary

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  1. I am an exceptional knitter, crocheter (and pattern designer/writer of both) and spinner.

  2. I would love to see some of your designs Shelagh, Do you have a website?

  3. I am a really good hostess and cook. I LOVE having family and friends for a good meal and a fun time together.

  4. I am a talented, self-taught artist, who loves to paint detailed paintings that capture the essence of feminine energy and our connection to the flowing and ever changing qualities and beauty of water.

  5. I love connecting people and helping people make connections. AND

  6. In keeping in line with my blog, I am very good at recording my life. My current blog is My Life in Photos and I love recording family stories. Today (Easter Sunday) is about my father-in-law and the wonderful Easter baskets he made up for all of us.


  7. I bake the best pound cake and friendship bread in the world! In fact, my husband says the Mennonite’s friendship bread doesn’t even come close to mine! (I have the best husband, too).

  8. Mary- you are a REALLY good cook! I can’t wait for more sausage cranberry stuffing and key lime pie- just two of my favorite things you have ever made me.

    I am really good at skiing!

    Happy Easter!
    Love to you and Jack!

  9. I am a really good listener and am able to see the bigger picture (with others…..not myself). All my life, friends have confided their best and worst to me and asked for my take on it all. I guess I have a lot of compassion for the human condition.

  10. Well, gosh, there are just so many where do I start? Seriously, this really gave me pause. As I think about it, it would be that I love my old Four Square and making it cozy and comfortable, mostly with primitives, and having casual brunches or leisurely porch lunches with friends who talk about stuff that matters. I’m good at hostessing informal gatherings and making people feel comfortable. I’m also good at paying attention to nuances and finding just the right gift for someone.

    Mary, I’d love the sausage-cranberry stuffing recipe!

  11. I now realize that I am a really good nurse. I take care of teens in a detention center. Usually the only thing they need is someone to listen and care. I dont give them things they dont need. I have been caring for 30 yrs. now.

  12. I am a really good cook too. Today I’m making a chicken pot pie
    with drop biscuits and a lemon meringue pie.

    I’m also a good gardener and planted pansies today in my
    window boxes. Their faces are so sweet.


  13. Thank you, Mary, for giving me food for thought this morning. At first I remembered things I used to do well – cooking, sewing, and playing piano. Then six years of stage 4 cancer came along with its various treatments and therapy (without being “ill” once, thanks to new meds). I’ve experienced new beginnings (recovering from tumor induced paralysis) and have the luxury of PUTTERING, which is what I now do best.

    This gift of cancer and transformation has freed me up in retirement to putter all I want, leading to new ideas with plants, creative arts and crafts, petting the cat, reading, and spoiling the grandchildren. I love myself and am thankful for each day and special people in my life.


  14. I am a good house cleaner, other peoples, but not necessarily my own. I often feel guilty and embarassed about my own, like others judge me by the state my house is in. I’m working on that!

  15. I’m really good at cross stitch embroidery and I’m becoming pretty good at knitting, both of which I passionately love doing.

    I also think that I’m a pretty good friend, but I always think I could do better.


  16. In the middle of a busy Easter Day, (family for breakfast and coming back for dinner) I am SO happy I took a moment to check what’s going on at White Feather Farm – and am delighted to read the beautiful expressions from everyone above. We are not bragging, we are celebrating our gifts to the world! I am a very good cellist, I also love to cook specializing in Spanish and Italian (husband born in Spain) but maybe what I do best is love my family, and listen well without judgment, and I do not mind being on call 24/7 for one who needs a listening ear. A joyous day to all!

  17. Happy Easter, Mary and all you blogees. I am very good with my 2 Labs:
    Choco Lot & Amazing Grace – both great names for Easter Sunday, coincidentally!!

  18. Appreciating life……………………..

    Probably what has led me here to be a follower of the White Feather Way.

    You are welcome if you wish to view nature and life photos and a little Sass from an old goat click on Grampy above to go to my blog….Happy Easter to all!

  19. I planned and planted (with help – I’m 66) a beautiful front yard landscape garden on Whidbey Island, WA! Still planning (and waiting for more $$) to do the back garden!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. I read all of your posts. Learned of you through Jon Katz, whom I follow daily also.

    Hugs, Christy

  20. Oh, geez, Mary, this question really sent me for a loop when an immediate answer did NOT pop into my head. So I spent a couple hours out in the garden, pulling weeds, contemplating if I was really good at anything !! I never asked myself that before. Then I took an at-home poll…
    My dog thinks I walk on water (just pure mutual adoration there) so I don’t know if that counts.
    My husband reminds me that his co-workers always ask to be put on the ‘left-over lunch list’ because they’re forced to smell his when he warms them in the microwave at the office.
    Friends generously commented on my landscaping and design.
    And then my youngest step-daughter said to me,”What. Are you kidding? You’re the strongest, most independent woman I’ve ever met and the best role model I could ever have.” Tears and pride filled my eyes and heart.
    So…ahem: I’m a master of the mundane, an expert at the ordinary, and blessed beyond words. Now my head is so big, I better go pull more weeds to get grounded again!
    Happy P-easter to all here.

  21. Wow! I would love to get together with all of you to experience these amazing gifts! I am good at helping others connect with their truth, Spirit, higher self. That is one of my passions. I am also good at teaching Sacred Circle Dance – another passion. My web site is http://www.freewebs.com/aquadancer

  22. I am smiling as I read all the posts – we walk through this world most of the time looking for acceptance in the eyes of others. It is refreshing to see it so keenly laid out in the previous responses. I imagine the shining hearts and eyes of all of you – and so grateful to you Mary for calling it out in all of us – which is what you do so well.

    My life is pretty rich and for that I am so grateful. I love my work as an illustrator – which I do in partnership with my patient husband Richie, and selling my work which can be seen here on my website: wildflowergraphics.com – also playing music with him as well.

    I so appreciate beauty, and I think that’s really what I do the best – though it is subjective – with no external value, really…. – just what I can see with my eyes, hear with my ears, and touch with my hands and feel in my heart.

  23. Good idea for all of us to remember to notice and celebrate and use our strengths – and to notice and celebrate the strengths of others.

    I am a good listener, am good at paying attention, noticing, especially the beauty of ordinary living things, big and small.

    It’s so nice to read about all these wonderful qualities in this group of readers!

  24. I skied with lindsay two years ago in Jackson Hole, WY. ……. YES, YES, ONE OF THE BEST SKIERS ( THE BEST ) ON THE MT.

  25. I am a wizard at organizing and prioritizing- for other people!

    Love your blog, Mary. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  26. Wow, this one got your community talking, Mary, you wonderful conversation-starter, you!

    Okay, let’s see…

    I’m a good writer and story-teller. And I can carry a tune, if I have a basket to carry it in! 🙂

  27. I realized that the thing that we are best at are probably the things we most enjoy doing. I love growing flowers and baking cookies and muffins. I also love to share my flowers and baking with any one!

  28. Wow! I’m a day late here, but what a gift to come back to. I absolutely love all the comments of your readers and of course you, Mary. I am smiling so big my face hurts! I am a good caregiver, as a wife, mom, nurse. I truly love giving of myself in service to others.

  29. I’m late to this conversation, too, but I took Mary’s challenge. I am a great writer and an even better editor. I have a gift with animals of all kinds and I’m overflowing with love for just about every living thing. I’m really good at seeing the beauty in the imperfection, and at finding a reason to be kind to people, even if that takes some work. I’m a good cook too. –Oh my, I need to get back to work before my head explodes!

  30. I did not reply at first, because I am not “good” at anything. But I have spent the last five years landscaping our property from a wooded swamp to a parklike setting. I also have been taking care of senior animals.
    I heard someone say, “She will take good care of your pet. All of her animals have lived to be at least fifteen years old.”
    Hugs to all!

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