one more thing….

I am already feeling excited to discover what talents, abilities and qualities people have! If you have a website, please post it too so we can more fully “see” you!

7 thoughts on “one more thing….

  1. I have a very nice singing voice. I love to sing in church. I feel so peaceful when I engage in the service this way. Have Blessed Easter!

    J. Peek

  2. PS- Mary you are a wonderful cook. My husband still comments that my Shepard’s pie is not nearly as good as yours…(LOL)

  3. My work is such fun and so rewarding. I save memories for people. I’m working on two projects right now….first one involves two brothers in their 80’s who have videotaped 6 hours of their memories as boys escaping from Poland. I’m editing that down to something that’s watchable. Wonderful and amazing stories.

    Second project…..a brother and sister. 30 years ago the brother (18 at the time) gave his older sister one of his kidneys. Today she is the longest surviving kidney transplant in the U.S. They are celebrating.

    My other website is In our small community we have had so many car accidents involving teens resulting in death or horrific injuries. We (me and 5 of my friends) formed a group to raise the consciousness of all drivers to prevent these tragedies. The 5 of us started 5 months ago and now the group has grown to over 100 people. This is my avocation.

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