Bringing light to the world

Jon, the creative chef!

Jack and I were talking with our friends yesterday morning and somehow the topic of Jon’s hat came up. I thought he was kidding (that he had a Mickey Mouse wizard’s hat) but realized that, not only did he own one, but he actually wore it at times. When we arrived for dinner last night Jon greeted us wearing it…I LOVED this….I love it when people show the funny sides of themselves;  parts that I was not aware of. Being willing to risk looking silly to make someone smile,  taking ourselves less seriously, lightening up to bring light to the world…what a gift this is to us all.

12 thoughts on “Bringing light to the world”

  1. It could be that jon is in stage 1 of senility.
    At least that is what I would have had to tell him as I chuckled.
    Fun photo and fine thoughts. I whole heartedly agree that lightening up is a gift.

  2. Absolutely, a gift – to ourselves and to others!

    Taking ourselves less seriously is something I’m seriously going to practice (pun intended).

    “Lighten up!” – my new mantra!
    And, while we’re at it, “Let my light shine!”

    Thanks to Mary and to Jon.

  3. Thank you for sharing this photo of Jon. Wearing a costume or funny hat is a great help for getting us out of our daily rut. I have always dressed in costume for Halloween. It is the opportunity to be someone else for one day.

  4. Jon has a wonderful heart and shares his expansive experiences
    and views for us to enjoy.

  5. I have a sister who enjoys wearing various funny hats. She has a chicken hat that she has worn to a number of my boys’ sporting events. This brought quite a reaction to the people around us, much less my boys. It got to the point that if she came to a game without it, people would ask her where it was. She also wears different hats to work, reindeer antlers, bunny ears, etc, She works in a hospital, and this lightens the mood a bit. Growing up, she was a very different person. As she gets older now, she has decided to take things less seriously and have a little fun. My boys call her the “crazy aunt” but always ask if she will be at an important event of theirs. She makes us all smile. 🙂

  6. For the “dinner theater production of The Wizard of Oz” (performed on horseback) I made my Dressage instructor a witches hat, I used glow in the dark paint to decorate it. you can find a picture of it buried in my blog. She was the Feb. 2008 speaker. It’s under Sept. 13, 2010 post.

  7. My husband & I were at our usual Saturday evening ‘date’ at Karaoke. I looked down my blouse to see why the girls seemed displaced, my new bra was doing weird things in there. On impulse I asked my husband in this VERY public place if he wanted to see my ‘new’ bra. Here? he asked rather embarrised, we both had a good laugh on my suggestion to “see” something new!!

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