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 I am really delighted at the responses to the post, “Celebrating our strengths”, for several reasons. First of all, I could feel the positive momentum building as I read what people wrote, and I kept thinking, “I want to see how we can continue this ‘conversation’ of sharing our strengths and supporting each other in becoming the people that we want to be”.  And second,  not one person pointed out that I misspelled “strengths”…someone, maybe most people, must have noticed it. How gracious and lovely you are!
I know that heart connections are being made here…not quite sure where it is leading and that is not something I can know from where I stand. The future unfolds a little more from each decision/thought  that we make in the present moment, which leads right into the short video that I watched Monday afternoon with Jack.
He had been at me to watch it for the past week….said it was great. Why don’t I jump at suggestions like that?…I didn’t jump. Finally,  more to placate him than anything else, I sat down at my computer and pulled this talk up. It is of Steve Jobs (founder of Apple computers) giving the commencement speech at Stanford University. It is entitled “How to Live Before You Die” and trust me on this one...it is great (get your box of tissues out, and be prepared to be inspired).

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  1. Mary,
    “Heart Connections”
    Celebrating our strengths
    feel the positive momentum building
    sharing our strengths and supporting each other
    becoming the people that we want to be
    How gracious and lovely you are
    heart connections are being made here
    not quite sure where it is leading
    not something I can know
    from where I stand
    The future unfolds
    from each decision/thought that we make
    How to Live Before You Die
    trust me on this one…it is great
    be prepared to be inspired…………………..

    Hope you don’t mind me editing your blog. I thought how you write from the heart matters. Creating connections just one of your strengths. No matter how you spell it. Enjoyed the video……….Pass on my thanks to Jack

  2. Hi Mary,

    As I was reading your post today music was playing in my heart. After the first few sentences the song ” This little light of mine I gonna let it shine” was running in my mind. Not sure if this is the correct name for the song but it is the chorus. Thank you for shining in my world today.


  3. Mary, I feel you’re absolutely right re. the heart connection. Your post of yesterday…and Jack’s succinct statement…people can be “perfect” but we don’t have to have them in our lives (or something like that) spoke directly to me re. a serious situation in my family that we experienced Easter Sunday. This is the third or fourth time that one of your posts carried the wisdom/answers I needed at the very momment. I’ve even spoken to two friends about it…uncanny. Because of my spiritual beliefs, I may use the word uncanny but don’t for a momment, believe it’s anything BUT spirit working.

  4. Thank you! Your writing is a wonderful reminder! I was extremely pleased to revisit this video. It still has the same power and message. Thank you!

  5. “The future unfolds a little more from each decision/thought that we make in the present moment..” So true Mary.
    It has been the philosophy that I have used to change the trajectory of my life.
    Thanks for putting that on the front page today Mary.

  6. I love that video – watch it from time to time.
    I’m going next week to my 50th high school reunion. It is a school I went to from kindergarten to 12th grade. I did not know anyone really well, nor participate in much. One of my classmates has reached out to me because she feels that she didn’t fit in, was never pretty enough or right enough but she said she likes herself now. Miracle. Bell choir. What else is there. I guess that’s why I am going there too.
    AND for her to reach out to me – and several others have too – I must have been more engaged than I thought.
    More bells, more miracles. ever and ever.

  7. Heart connections are definitely being made here. I’ll watch this at home tonight… probably not a good idea to watch something that might make me BLUBBER at work! 🙂

    Hugs to you, Mary!

  8. You know, I just realized… I keep saying “Hugs to you, Mary,” and that gyps me and everyone in the White Feather Farm community out of a lot of hugs. Therefore…


  9. Deanna has set the stage and done it well…”HUGS TO ALL”….

    See, Mary, what you have accomplished with your posts? You are building a warm and friendly online ‘community,’ and even though few, if any, of us know each other outside this space, we all meet here every day to gain and grow from your words, and I believe we all feel connected by what you say.

    So…thanks, Mary! And Deanna, in keeping with your wonderful example…HUGS TO ALL!

  10. I have always practiced following my heart and sometimes wondered at the time, if it was the right choice. It led me on some interesting, intense, wonderous and sometimes painful journeys. In looking back, I can see how perfect it all was and that has given me courage to keep on “following my bliss” as Joseph Campbell so beautifully put it.
    The heart really does know what’s best. When I get “logical and in my head” I feel the tension building. I have been called “a dreamer and a romantic.” It has served me well.
    I look forward to reading your posts every morning and thank you so much for sharing your insights.

  11. I just watched the video – I will surely be passing this on to my sons. And then reading the comments from our White Feathered Flock, 🙂 I feel tears of happiness to be among such dear hearts. And yes, it is all about the heart – a quote came to mind from one of my favorite little books ever, The Little Prince – (not sure if I have this exactly right) but the Little Prince says, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is important is invisible to the eye”. So, dear hearts, thank you for sharing and I send hugs and Arizona Sunshine to all! Susan

    • Oooh! Another hug! And sunshine (what’s that look like? I forget…) Thanks, Susan!


  12. For Deanna/Suburban Prairie (and everyone here at Heart Conn. Central)
    Here’s another dollop of CA. sunshine to add to Susan’s heavy helping from AZ; it’s that unidentified shining object, hiding in that sea of blue sky. But truthfully, even the sun has competition in radiating the warmth and energy I feel from this band of Mary’s merry bloggers.

    Sharing and supporting…see what you started, Mary? It’s so appreciated!
    p.s. All the TED talks are interesting. For inspiration and transformation, also see the one on Jill Bolte Taylor and her Stroke of Insight.

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