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"To Life!" (our royal juice glasses)

I sold my old car yesterday…sort of. Our mechanic had taken his time (since we didn’t need it) fixing the head gasket and the valves, we washed it and vacuumed it out and our buyer came in the morning to pick it up. She happily drove away and I happily drove downtown to give my friend Nancy some flowers for her birthday, deposit the check, and buy some celebratory  food. Then, I planned a nice afternoon nap (as we had been up very early watching the royal wedding live….I know, I know!)  Anyway, I bought these glasses and called them our Royal Juice Glasses and planned on celebrating with them later in the day (they were 79 cents each at Goodwill in Bennington VT and were the perfect purchase!).

At 2 pm, I was just lying down when the phone rang. The new buyer of the car said in a panicky voice, “The car is leaking oil and I am on my way to Bennington and am stopped at the side of the road. WHAT DO I DO?!”  One thing this car never had, was an issue with leaking oil. It was a long afternoon. Jack closed his shop, we drove to the car, I gave the woman her money back and took her home, while Jack drove the car to a mechanic who said it was just a nut (or something) that had not been tightened. So I have my car back again.

I realized as I wrote this post that I do not know what to do about the car. There is an answer, but at this moment, I am not sure what that is. But I do know what not to do. I know not to act when I am feeling upset. I know not to blame anyone, including myself. I know not to force the situation or to make it into a crisis.

There are also some things that I do know. I know to be grateful that I woke up feeling that my “problem” was really not a problem at all, that Jack and I had a fun time last night, even though I was super tired, drinking club soda out of our new glasses and watching the royal wedding re-caps. I know that life works best when I can appreciate that I don’t know everything…when I can turn something over and feel amazed at how perfect solutions present themselves.

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  1. Had you thought about going back to the Goodwill where you bought those wonderful Royal Juice Glasses and donate the car. A wonderful tax deduction.

    Thank you for the uplift words you share every morning.


  2. How disappointed and frustrated both you and the buyer of your car must have been. It sounds like you handled it with grace and compassion. Life throws us the strangest curve balls sometimes. I’m glad you and Jack were able to let the whole experience go and enjoy your evening.

  3. The buyer of your car will remember you for the rest of her life as a person of integrity and understanding. You may have become a great example for her of how to handle a situation with grace. Good work, Mary!

  4. My husband & I were also up early yesterday morning watching the Royal Wedding live….I know, I know! Ray & I had been up early all those years ago to watch Diana & Charles get married. I really like William, and I’m tickled that he married Catherine, age 29. I was pregnant with my daughter, Katharine, now age 29, on Diana’s wedding day.
    But, the wedding I really want to watch with enjoyment, pride, & happiness is my own son’s this July 3rd. I have begun to obsess on some of the details of the Wedding….starting today I will turn those things that are beyond my control
    over to a power greater than myself. That sometimes includes my emotions!!!
    Letting go….letting go….1,2,3, letting go.

  5. I watched the Royal Wedding live too. Love those hats! I also saw Diana’s wedding to Charles. It was great staying up all night for the wedding, seeing it live, seeing William the image of Diana–kiss Catherine. Did anyone see the cartwheels after the wedding? Loved that! Probably as much as the hats.

    Mary, your car did not want to be sold to anyone else. Reminds me so much of horses that are being looked over by buyers. Lots of times, the horse might be lame that day. Your car didn’t want to be with anyone else.

  6. You are such an example of the right way to respond to stressful situations, no drama, no blaming. Doing the right thing – driving the girl home, refunding her money. I loved this. And I love your Goodwill glasses and the image of sipping your club soda while you watched the Royals. How fun. I wasn’t terribly interested until I started watching the reruns in the evening and then got really caught up in it. Such an escape from the devastation and mayhem that’s usually on TV. Everything in your day spoke of what it means to live in a way that speaks of spirituality. From the caring you showed this girl, from getting out of your own comfort zone, to finding joy and beauty in the mundane as well as the profound. Thank you.

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