a beautiful moment

happiness in the moment!

3 days ago, I was walking into Hannaford grocery store, and this little girl was coming out. I heard her before I saw her. As the big inner doors were sliding to the sides, giggling was pouring out . I then saw the balloons and the happiest little person holding all of the strings. I was on my phone with Jack and told him I’d call him right back. I hadn’t  planned on taking her picture, but I wanted to absorb this sweet, fun, happy moment. I asked her mother if I could take a picture of her (I do love my iphone!) and she smiled and said yes.

It is dark and rainy here this morning…I felt like I needed a little boost when I woke up so I pulled up this photograph, and then thought that you might appreciate it too!

9 thoughts on “a beautiful moment”

  1. Good morning, Mary. The little girl “holding all the strings” made me think of my son’s fiancé, Emily. The colorful balloons are all the dreams a girl has about love, wedding dress, bridesmaids, shower, honeymoon…Emily’s holding all the strings at this moment and her happiness, smiles, and giggles are just like the beautiful little girl in your picture. Thanks for sharing.

    May we each find colorful balloons to make us smile today! Two of mine are on my kitchen floor as I type this…one is a sweet yellow…the other a deep chocolate – my Labs, of course!. Love, Mary Rita

  2. Mary – Yesterday I was visiting a friend in the village of Cambridge – sitting on her porch and watching the children across the street playing in their yard – a rare treat for me as I live in out in the country with no visible neighbors –

    As I watched them, I remembered what it felt like – to be a barefooted child on a warm spring day – with no care, but for what was in the moment.

    Big wide wonderful world! ox

  3. I think BALLOONS bring out the Happy Sweet Child in most of us! Thanks for bightening my day. Jill

  4. Don’t you just love those serendipidy moments! And you capture them so well, like the dog with the water bottle. Thanks for sharing and brightening our day too.

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