It doesn’t have to be a new thing

I find my spiritual inspiration in all places. I believe that the Spirit of God speaks through every possible channel and cannot be limited by tradition, religion, or medium. When I found out that there was such a thing as an “Interfaith” minister, I thought, “If there ever was a title that fit my “spiritual role” in this life, then that is it!”

One day, many years ago, I was looking for something to watch on TV and heard this very funny sounding woman who was obviously a televangelist. Christian TV ministers had never interested me before,  but something compelled me to watch her. No one could have been more surprised than me to find myself really interested in her message.

I have listened to Joyce Meyer off and on for many years. I love her very real messages…she tells stories from her own experiences and life. I don’t believe in a literal interpretation of scripture, nor do I think that one path is right for everyone, so there are points where she and I do not agree, but her practical messages for living have been so helpful. One day, I caught a radio broadcast of hers and she was saying, “This may not be a new lesson, but it is a now lesson.” I thought that was great.

There are only a few spiritual themes running through life: Take care of yourself and your world, live everyday to the best of your ability, appreciate, relax, be open (mind and heart), do good work, be teachable, ….what they all boil down to is Love…doing everything with Love. How many ways can this be said? Sometimes I wonder, as I write a post, if I am repeating myself. …or if I have actually posted a video of photograph before…and then the words of Joyce come into my head…maybe this is a now message.

Someone  who subscribes to this blog, sent me a video a while back.  I cannot remember who that was…I hope that I thanked you! It is a wonderful story of love. (Bella and Tara!)

5 thoughts on “It doesn’t have to be a new thing”

  1. I love this video Mary – what a wonderful story – and why this, and stories like this are not on the front page of the regular news is beyond me. Besides – the ‘regular’ news grinds out the same old fear mongering garbage every day – and it is sad that stories like the one you posted are left for the special incidental “once a week” airing.

    I look forward to reading the News at White Feather Farm – it is food for the spirit, and it is something that I can actually do something about – or at least think about, and try to apply to my daily life and if I am lucky, share with others.

    Thank you!!! ox

  2. Oh Mary, you’ve done it again…and I could say that of every one of your daily posts. This time, though, I had to re-do my mascara!

    We are all starved for gentle and life-affirming stories and you never fail to bring them to us. Thanks for today’s ‘lesson’ and for sharing who you are.

  3. I so enjoy the story of Bella and Tara…I have the book and use it often for children to read to my collie through Dog Tales. Amazing what love can do… Beautiful post!

  4. Beautiful Mary! And you could never remind us enough times what the Beatles sang, “All You Need is Love!” Every post refreshes our spirits each morning and we all thank you! Susan

  5. Mary, what a touching story! I can’t add much more than your other readers, they all say what is in my heart too… Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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