Home is where the love is

I was shopping yesterday and saw this card. I had to buy it. The caption is:

“Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family” Donna Hedges

Jack and I have decided to move into town. We want a bigger place, one that can more easily accommodate  family, visitors and overnight guests. Our house is sweet but tiny. Plus, I really like the idea of being able to walk to the library, bank, post office and coop. As we drove around Cambridge looking for possible homes, I started to feel those old familiar doubts: Will we be able to find a place that we like as much as this one? What if we don’t like living in town? If we get a bigger home will the costs be a lot bigger too? How will this all happen?  I know better than to entertain these thoughts.  I know that I need to imagine what I want and not what I fear or don’t want. I know that there is a power that is way beyond my reasoning mind; one that works “behind the scenes” bringing all elements together for perfect solutions. I know what to think…I know what to do, but sometimes I let my mind run away with me and then I start to feel off.

I told Jack that I was going to “turn this over” to Spirit and let a solution unfold. He said “good”. A few minutes later, I said, “When we get home, before we go to Bennington to buy cat food, I want to get on-line and see if there are any houses that are listed but don’t have signs up.” He laughed and said, “I thought you were turning it over?” Oh, right.

I need to remember that what I really want is a home filled with love, happiness and peace.  I cannot move to, or buy, this place…I need to be it first. I am working on that.

8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. So true, Mary! My son Christian accused me of living in my own little world. I said “that’s right, I can create my own atmosphere in my home”. Our home is full of the Holy
    Spirit..and we’re always inviting more of Him. It’s not a perfect home but one always in progress.

  2. Thank you for putting words to my biggest mental challenge: I need to imagine what I want, not let fears or images of what I don’t want crowd out what’s possible. Today you gave me a concrete gift of how to reframe what goes on in my head. Thank you for that!

  3. Mary…it can/will happen. When my parents (Mom was a perfectionist) wanted to move to a house (from an 2nd floor apt)…in their small town…I prayed @ it…telling God I knew it would be impossible to get what Mom wanted but….I still prayed.
    Miracle….darling little 2 bedroom cottage nearby….and they lived there for nearly 20 years or more….they could walk all over town! Perfect.
    Lesson Learned by me…don’t underestimate God!
    Pray, visualize what you want….maybe everday…then let it go…BEFORE it turns to worry.
    Best to you in your search.

  4. Mary, you have been a significant teacher for me with this concept – and look what has happened with me!!! And I totally understand how we still need to be reminded or to say it out loud or write it down sometimes. Our heads to often want to run away with our spirits. I know that whatever is in your highest good is exactly what will manifest. You are an open channel for all that and more.
    Love, Love, Love

  5. Mary, my family and I are going through a similar change, including a purchase of our retirement home in Idaho, and now the sale of our home in Omaha,( still working on that) then finally apt. living for 2 years until we actually retire. It makes my head spin! I love the way your posts seem to parallel where I’m at. Nancy B says it best, “are you in my head again!” I shall try to give all this overage let God lead. Thank you Mary.

  6. All this overage? Auto correct is puzzling sometimes, and funny! I meant give all this over to God.

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