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I have to confess that I don’t wake up and think, “Yipee!! It is raining out!”… but really, so what about the rain? If I tell myself that I cannot feel good because it is raining, then I am dooming myself to many long and gloomy days inside.  I want to be happy. I want to expect to see something good, something that will surprise me, whether or not it is raining or snowing or cold or hot. Little kids don’t feel unhappy (until we teach them to) that it is raining out. They see opportunity in every kind of weather….how long has it been since I’ve jumped in a mud puddle?! …

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I agree totally. When it rains it’s not a bad day. It’s a wet day and we all know we need rainy days as well as sunny warm days.
    It’s what you make of those days.

  2. Yes, we have to go with the flow. It’s raining…so ok, I’ll do an inside project today. Turn on lights and focus on what we’re doing—be in the flow…not lamenting about the fact that it’s raining. Poor us…it’s raining and turning all the beauty outside greener and greener…a feast for our eyes and souls! Thank YOU (whatever our beliefs) for the rain! :o)

  3. Happy Day to us all. The sun is shining through my front window at this moment and I have a Funeral to attend in Greenwich this morning and
    “Everyday above ground is a good day” and my “Mother’s Day Tree” that my son gave me has pretty pink buds on it…thanks to both the rain & the sun.

  4. One of the ways I knew I had found my soul mate was when he happily watched me puddle hopping. He just stood there and smiled. I knew he was a keeper. It’s so hard sometimes to embrace your inner child, but it’s so important to stay in touch with that kind of inner joy.

  5. Yesterday the wind blew here somethin fierce and it snowed all afternoon. We do long for sunshine about this time of year but we also have a choice don’t we? We don’t have to be at the mercy of the weather to decide to be happy! :‹)

  6. Last month, we experienced some torrential rain and flooding, causing our urban street to back-flow about 2 1/2 feet deep. While I was outside rearranging portable sump pumps in an attempt to keep our house above water, our 5 year old neighbor, Max, took advantage of the moment.

    In his little wetsuit (and little red rubber boots!), he SURFED down the street, standing on his surfboard, with his Mom running along side, filming with her I-phone. It was pure joy beaming across his face!! Other neighbors came out of their houses, smiling and experiencing this rain in a whole new way. Clearly there was nothing we could do but make lemonade from from lemons. And Max showed us the way!

  7. I was having kind of an eeyore kind of day until I went for a walk this afternoon in the lovely spring weather. I opened up my arms when I arrived back home and said to the sky “I offer it up”. I came inside and felt much better, then read your blog, which I usually do in the morning and there you are! Thank you all!

  8. Love the photo – the plant is reflected in the drop. Yes, it is easy to get a little grumpy with the nonstop rain we’ve had for weeks, but the bleeding heart and solomon’s seal have never been more beautiful. I dashed out during a lull today and planted herbs in a copper boiler and love in the mist and jack in the pulpit along the fence. And said thank you for the verdant lushness.

  9. We recently had a most welcome rain in Schulenburg, TX and when I saw how happy the plants were afterward, it made me happy, too!

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