A long shot

Yesterday, I walked from my office to a home that we are going to be looking at today.  We made the apt. to see this particular house a few days ago.  It is a stretch for us, as a matter of fact, at this point, it is not even “realistic”. My mind kept trying to tell me that it was impossible for us (too expensive), and not to bother looking at something that was out of our price range. But I love the way it looks…love the quiet street and the neighbors…As I walked past the home, and then back to my office, Jack called. I was starting to tell him what I was doing when I looked down and saw this fortune on the ground.

I don’t know what is going to happen…don’t even know if we will like this house on the inside, but when I face a fear and do something that feels like a wonderful possibility (no matter how slim) and find that all sorts of little things line up to encourage me, it makes life so much richer (and more fun!). I also do not believe in coincidences…so if you are reading this, the message is for you too!! Love that.

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  1. I love that advice — always give it a try! Back in the 70’s I was young, single and wanted to buy my first house. The real estate agent wasn’t too encouraging about me and when I wanted to make an offer on a small cottage on a street with big lovely houses he told me the owners would never accept my offer. I said make the offer anyway! He said they would turn my offer down. I said make the offer anyway! Guess what . . . they accepted my offer. It never hurts to give it a try! Thanks again for your post Mary — I needed the reminder.

  2. Mary, your blog has encouraged me so many times! This time I’m going to try and encourge you for a change. We decided to sell our beautiful peaceful farm in Kentucky over a year ago to move back to Georgia to be closer to family. This was a difficult decision because we love our farm so much and we were sure we would never be able to afford anything as peaceful and beautiful in Georgia. Last June I stumbled across a wonderful farm on the internet just a half hour from family. It was more land than we need and way too expensive, but I couldn’t get it off my mind. My husband said “no way”. We went down two weeks ago to look at another property, which we didn’t like. While there, we made the owner of the “dream farm” a ridiculous offer, knowing he would refuse it, but guess what? He accepted, and now we’re buying it!!!! So there’s always hope.
    ps— know anyone who wants to buy a beautiful farm in Kentucky? : )

  3. We are all rallying around you Mary wit nothing but positive thoughts and joyful energy! Unlike the way “coincidence” is usually used, I still like to think of it as two “incidents” that happen to CO-incide with one another, and it is up to us to see the connection. You reminded us recently that we are co-creators with the universe – we are conspirators too – working alongside and with spirit! May everything continue to line up in perfect order. That fortune cookie that just ‘happened’ to fall into your path? Love it!

  4. Your openness to God/universe etc. inspires all of us.
    I too enjoy the little (sometimes not so little)..pushes that are put in our way.
    Sometimes they are truly God-incidences!
    Stay open and enjoy where this is leading you.

  5. Mary, What’s the worst that can happen if you look at the house? You may find you do not like the house inside, the contract will fall through, etc. So, why not take a look? No harm in that. Taking a look does not mean a committment you cannot afford. (In my life I had occasion to look at a lot of places that I liked and then rejected for one reason or another. Looking does no harm.)

    And if you like it but cannot afford it, the worst that can happen is that you don’t take it because you can’t afford it. At least you had the joy of looking and thinking, “maybe….”

    No harm in window shopping even for houses. And I’ve found that passing up the “perfect” place only results in finding an even better place down the line. So, window shop away, I say. MCS

  6. IF you love it, it will be yours.

    That’s my fortune cookie back to you, and I am positive there is a chorus of blog family singing the same chorus!

  7. Hi Mary,
    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” is a quote from stellar hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Searching for a home is stressful and it helps to have courage. Good luck, brave home hunter!

  8. Happy house hunting! What an exciting and fun adventure, you never know what is around-the-corner. Best wishes, Deb

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