The Greatest American Hero….you!

When my son Tom was 4 years old, he loved the television show, The Greatest American Hero. He used to put a towel down the back of his shirt (like super man), get out his little portable record player, play the theme song (which was a single 45) and run around the living room.  The show was about an unsuspecting school teacher who, all of the sudden, is asked to take on a “super-human” life, but the instruction manual is lost, so on his way to saving the day, he messes up a lot.

I really love the lyrics to the theme song. They are so full of hope and the thought that life can be an exciting adventure. Things can change in the blink of an eye. The opening that we have been waiting for can be there when we turn around, pick up the phone, or answer an email. It feels, sometimes like we have lost the instruction manual to life…we want solid direction (in print please!) but it comes in subtle ways: a hunch, feeling, a “knowing.” Our lives are the “Hero’s Journey”…we just forget this at times.

Like the lyrics to the Greatest American Hero theme song…we take a chance, follow the still small voice inside, and then….

“Look at what’s happened to me…I can’t believe it myself. Suddenly I’m up on top of the world, it should have been somebody else. Believe it or not, I’m walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free. Flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me!” (words to “Believe it or Not” theme song for Greatest American Hero)

Enjoy this blast from the past on you tube!

8 thoughts on “The Greatest American Hero….you!”

  1. We are ALL just terrific….and we don’t even know it! So much of what each of us does every day gets passed off as just getting through life, but we are all so much more than that. just takes a little observation to realize the wonder of who we are. Thanks again, Mary, for reminding us!

  2. that was so fun, Mary… thanks for sharing!! (my kids watched that show relentlessly, too…)… the song has a different meaning now that I’m, ahem, “older”…!!!

  3. Oh what a heart warming memory your blog prompted this morning. I spent a lot of time with my first nephew, Joey, when he was small (he’s now 35). When he was 5 he loved this show. So much so I bought him that 45 record. He could and would sing every word…all the time…and his mom (my sister) and I and grandmom would sing happily along with him. It was a happy anthem for the joy of his being. One day I accompanied him to a day at Kindergarden when they could bring a relative along for the morning. Joey asked me to come so I took off work and went to school for the day. Each child had to stand in front of the class and tell what they loved most about the relative they had brought with them. I couldn’t wait to hear what Joey would say. He stood in front of the class proudly, as I sat at his little desk, and he said “I love my Aunt Kathye because she bought me The Greatest American Hero song”! It had been months since I had given him the record. Not a family gathering goes by without a mention of this memory…and of course we ask Joe to sing it again! And all join in…thanks Mary!

  4. Kathye! Your story about little Joey just touched me so! Mary, the power of this blog to connect people is limitless! The joy of shared memories, what triggers one reader to comment sparking delight in another – a highlight now of my every day! Thanks to all – Susan

  5. Susan, I’m so glad you enjoyed our memory too! I could not agree with you more about the power of Mary’s blog! I am new to it in the last few weeks and a surge of excitement goes through me when I see a new post! I know for sure that I am about to read something that will have a positive impact on my day. And I am so grateful for such a special gift! Thanks Susan and Mary!

  6. Sometimes I have this song going through my head or I’ll sing it while I’m driving. It makes a great theme song. Thanks for the happy memory.

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