Setting my intention

Eleanor at about 6 weeks old

For a couple of years I had really wanted a kitten. It had been over 20 years since I had gotten one, but I could not justify getting a kitten when so many adult cats were waiting to be adopted at shelters, and kittens were relatively easy for them to place. I held the desire in my heart but never acted on it. One day I had the sudden urge to visit my friend Tina who was, at the time, director of Second Chance Animal Shelter. She was in a meeting when I arrived, so I decided to wait in one of the cat rooms.

We had a great visit and as I was leaving, someone came into the shelter carrying a box. Tina said, “What do we have here?” and as she opened the box she gasped and said, “This kitten cannot be more than a few days old!” The people who brought her in said that it had been dropped by the feral mother, and she had not come back for it. They feared it would die. Tina said, “These kittens require 24/7 care, and my staff has been out straight bottle feeding litters.” She looked at me with pleading eyes, “You wouldn’t want it would you Mary?”

I had prayed earlier that day for something new and exciting to come into my life…I could feel that this was the answer. I was prepped on just how much work it is to take a tiny kitten. They need to be bottle fed every few hours, wiped with a moist cotton ball to stimulate them to go to the bathroom after every feeding, (because they cannot go on their own), and need to be isolated from the other animals in the house, since there is no way of knowing if they have contagious diseases. I had no idea of any of this, and was left with the less than encouraging, but truthful, words, “You really need to be aware that kittens this small, many times, don’t make it.”

Eleanor was the answer to my prayer. I had my kitten, while helping out the shelter. But I also got to see a part of Jack that I hadn’t seen before. When we first got her, he was afraid to even hold her (she fit in the palm of your hand) much less feed her, but because I had a speaking engagement in Florida, the week after we brought her home, Jack was thrown into this role full-time. He cancelled all of his activities (golf games), came home from his store every 2 hrs to feed her during the day, and took her to the vet 3 times (because he couldn’t get her to poop!) during my absence.

I have come to believe that we don’t have to struggle for what we desire in this life…I really don’t think that we even have to look for it. When I know what I want, but cannot figure out how it will happen…that is when I should get really excited because a big surprise is right around the corner!  Looking at Eleanor reminds me of this every day.

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.” Abraham Lincoln

p.s. The house of our dreams has not yet appeared, but we are expecting it to,  and will let you know when we find it…thank you for all of your positive thoughts!!

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  1. What a precious story! Eleanor is one lucky kitty. Is she all black? Almost 10 years ago my husband and I heard a tiny mewing sound in a firece storm out by our back deck. We looked and looked and couldn’t find where it came from. In the morning we found a huge pot had blown over and a tiny black kitten was inside. He was invisible in that pot on that dark and stormy night. How he got up unto our second story deck and into that pot we will never know. We named him Lightning Bolt because of the stormy night he endured. I still have him today. It is interesting how these sweet creatures come into our lives. Your dream house is waiting for you to find it! I know you will.

    1. Hi JoAnne, I love Lightning Bolt’s story! What a miracle. (Eleanor is a tortoise shell color…mostly black though). Thank you for your encouragement! Mary

  2. What a wonderful story of trust and surrender…very lucky kitty then and now. What a great helpmate you have in Jack. The home will present itself, I’m sure of it.

    1. Thank you Terri! Your support is very much appreciated! It’s funny that I will start out writing about one thing (in this case wanting a kitten) and find myself thinking about an entirely different aspect of that story (Jack stepping up to the plate so wonderfully)…I need to be reminded, all of the time, to appreciate those closest to me. Love, Mary

  3. What a great post today, Mary (but then they are ALL good)!
    Your dream of a new house is being fed so much positive energy, it’s just a matter of cosmic seconds until you see it, love it, buy it. There is no other path for you and Jack but the one leading to this house. My tea leaves have spoken!

    1. I love that Suzanne and the idea of “cosmic seconds!”…thank you!! Love, Mary

  4. Hi Mary and fellow bloggers. I woke up with CATS on my mind…and here is this Post! My INTENTION is to be loving to animals and to my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law. At Thanksgiving she asked if I might take her 2 cats this summer while she honeymoons in Europe with my son. I said that I might. But, I have 2 Labs & 2 cats and a husband & daughter who don’t want 2 extra indoor cats ( from Brooklyn – who might escape into the vastness of Washington County)! I feel stuck in the middle – a very uncomfortable place to be! HELP!!

  5. I have had two extraordinary events that I had prayed about that became reality.

    One was in 2000, my husband and I were talking about renovating a movie theater in our home town into a community theater building. In the one week before we had to make the decision whether to go ahead with the project or not, we were delivered $2 million within that week!

    The other unbelievable thing that happened was just this April. As I sat alone with my dad who was dying, I hoped (even though I believe in it) for a sign about his going to heaven. Two days before he died, as he looked up to one corner of his room, I asked him what he was looking at. He said, “All those people.” Then he looked over to the other side of the ceiling, waved his hand, and said, “Peter! Peter!” My dad was an only child and Peter was the cousin who was like a brother to him. Peter died several years back, and I am so grateful that Peter was waiting to bring my dad home!

    The Lord is so good!

    1. Dear Lin, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sharing these incredible stories!!…as my friend and I walked past houses yesterday, she bent down and picked up a penny and said something like, “Thanks Dad!”…it was their special signal…it also happened to be my father’s birthday and now your comments today….I love this!

  6. Happy goosebumps reading all of these stories. Mary Rita, I hope your family rallies around your desire to help out with the care of the cats. It’s awfully hard to undertake something like this without the support of those who live in the same space. Maybe if you approach your husband and daughter with it from the angle of helping those newlyweds get off to the happiest start ever knowing their kitties are being well taken care of? Just a thought – you’ll be in my thoughts and wishes for an amicable solution for all.

  7. Mary,

    Your stories always touch my heart. Thanks and have a blessed weekend.


  8. Update – my Intention to do good was blessed. I just got an email from Emily, the future bride, saying she understands why I can’t take her cats, but is thrilled that my husband & I are giving the honeymooners 3 nights in Paris (Traveler’s Joy – Wedding Website is their Registry)- great idea!

    For Mary & Jack…”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and
    “When the buyers are ready, the house will appear” or sometimes you have to wait for the house to be ready, or the sellers to be ready…Good Luck! M.Rita

    1. I am so happy that your kitty situation turned out the way it did! Thank you for letting us know, and for your words of wisdom on our move! love, M & J

  9. As always, Mary, you start the thread that weaves us all together. My heart soars as I read your post and the replies of others. Seemingly small stories reach to grand heights, good intentions transcend our scope of comprehension. Thank you all—and universal hugs to Jack for his nurturing role in a sweet, little kitten’s life story.

    1. I sincerely appreciate being called “the thread that weaves us all together”, and thank you for that beautiful thought Cheryl! much love, Mary

  10. I love your Eleanor story. And when the time is right, I believe your house will appear and it will be even better than you imagined!

  11. Little Eleanor is adorable. What a wonderful gift you have been given. Reminds me of the day my husband Ted brought home a beautiful all black kitty from the Saratoga Shelter. We named him Uther. Several years later, he saw the cutest little all white kitty and brought her home and we named her Sweety. They have brought us a lot of joy. It is a pleasure to read your blog, Mary, and all the stories that are shared here.

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