What we are looking for, is also looking for us!

my new office building!

Since I moved into my office, it has leaked every time it rained. There was so much to like about the space that I overlooked that defect, but was always mildly bothered by it. Two other practitioners, that have offices next to mine, had some issues too (like no heat for days in the middle of January!).

Talk started about moving into a new space together. I really didn’t want to move again but was at least open to the idea. Last Friday I mentioned this to a friend and she said, “What about Bean Heads?” Bean Heads was a wonderful cafe that closed a few years ago and the building has been for sale ever since. Our community still misses it.

We called Bill (the owner of the building) to see if he would be interested in renting the offices upstairs and all met on Sunday. It was a unanimous YES! There are 3 offices and a great waiting area. As we walked through each office, I kept thinking that any one would be fine for me. When we came to the front (with the 4 great windows) my heart jumped. I loved it but didn’t say anything…it just seemed “greedy” to say, “By the way, I want the biggest office!’ As the 3 of us looked at the space, each had their “secret” favorite (no one wanting to say anything and step on the other’s toes) and each was different…the other two women hoped that I would want the larger front office with all of the windows!

When things work like this; so easy, smooth…almost effortless, I am reminded that all things work for good when we trust in something greater than ourselves, in a power that has only benevolent, expansive energy. I heard a wonderful expression once: “What you are looking for, is also looking for you!”

P.S. We are going to have an Open House in mid-July. I’ll post that here in case you are in the area!

14 thoughts on “What we are looking for, is also looking for us!”

  1. Mary,
    I like your blog. Congratulations on your new space. I am glad that the Bean Heads building is being put to good use. I hope this leads to even more positive things to come for the downstairs space. Lots of love and peace ~ Robin

  2. Congratulations Mary. Is the building in Cambridge? It’s a lovely building…and you’ll have all that light and a view!
    Woooohoooo! :o) Kay

    1. Thank you Kay! Yes, it is right in the center of Cambridge!

  3. Congratulations Mary! SO happy for you and cant wait to come visit the new space!

  4. Another great post, Mary! I especially loved the last paragraph today (the one before the P.S.). I hope your new home comes to you just as easily as your new office has. Best to you!

  5. This looks so much like a building near here, in Algonquin, IL that I had to go and check again what state you are in!
    Happy New Office!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats on your new office, Mary! It looks great and I know you are going to bring your special energy right to it. Happy Moving In Day!

  7. In reading what you said in this post, Mary, “when we trust in something greater than ourselves, in a power that has only benevolent, expansive energy” it brings me back around the circle to your recent posts on forgiveness.

    Even when we are hurt – or hurt others – if we could only just remember that “benevolent, expansive energy” is working FOR us. It’s much easier, when things are easy and smooth, to appreciate the universe is working (after all, it’s going OUR way, isn’t it?). It’s much more difficult – and I know this from personal experience – to move through the hurtful knots to an acceptance that nothing is being done TO us – everything is being done FOR our evolution to move us (and the other person, too) toward that place that is exactly and uniquely designed for each one of us. We just sometimes get lost in the drama.

    Your posts always urge me to go inward – thank you!

  8. A classically beautiful old building! Here in earthquake country, we have very few brick structures; it’s one of the things I miss since transplanting west. And if the cosmos favorably lines up for you, perhaps you’ll get a ‘two-fer’ discount to move both home and office! Here’ hoping…

  9. What a beautiful building and especially lovely windows to bring in the light! Office today and maybe soon a home! Events do seem to happen at the perfect time.

  10. I used to love Bean Heads and always feel bad when I walk by it and wish that someone would reopen it. I’m happy to hear that you will be one of its new occupants upstairs. But because I am greedy, wouldn’t it be great fun if someone could re-engage the coffee pots downstairs; a great place for people to meet up while waiting for a massage, or to sip a cup of tea after Morning Meditation with Mary! I feel so fortunate to live so close to the building that Mary is moving into and to feel close to the rest of you thru your words on this blog. M. Rita

  11. What a beautiful building and a beautiful person to occupy it. Congratulations on your new space!

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