For Gwen

one of Jack's grinding stone sculptures in our side yard

6 thoughts on “For Gwen

  1. Lovely – looks like a “grinding stone snail” just slowly creeping along enjoying the afternoon.

  2. For Gwen and Virginia! Thanks Mary, it’s great. When Gwen requested more pics of your surroundings I felt a surge of “yes, more please”.

    The photo of Fred splayed across the kitchen chair just melted me. Great cat, good chair.

    Life is very good!

  3. Beautiful. Looks great in the setting and blends in with the surrondings. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jack’s sculpture looks so natural in the garden. It looks like it belongs there growing along with the flowers. I love the texture of the stone against the greenery.

  5. I loved the grist mill stone, Mary. I hope you got my response to your email when you sent it. About my grandfather.
    It looks wonderful in this setting and I love the metal holder.
    I want to do something with ours, am taking suggestions.

    Thank you for the pictures! And the music. It’s wonderful!


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