Praises for the world

tree in our back yard with grinding stone sculpture

I wanted to post a quick comment about yesterday’s blog and the responses. I did not expect the deluge of support, love and something more…in response to the post. As I read each comment I thought,  “this is truly not my blog…it is ours, and it is also something larger….something beyond us is very powerfully present and I am honored to be a part of it”. I also happened to pick up a book yesterday and the epigraph jumped off the page:

The words I am about to express: They now have their own crowned goddess” LEANDRO DIAZ

All I can say is Thank You!


A friend sent me a CD several days ago called Praises for the World. I was transfixed from the moment it started….I could only find a couple of minutes of it on YouTube but it is such a powerfully beautiful piece of music that I wanted to share it with you. I wasn’t sure if there were birds sounds on the music track, or if the sounds were coming from outside. We have a family of wrens (I think) nesting in our back yard and every time I put the cd on, they start singing louder or start singing when they have been quiet.

…it is truly magical and I believe healing.  Thank you Cheryl.

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    • I just recently added this audio CD to my collection of all things Berezan but had no idea there was a visual version as well. It really adds so much to a powerful message to see it performed by and for All Beings. Thanks for sharing this aspect with us.

  1. I have no words for where “In These Arms…” took me. Just tears of release from inside my soul.

    Thanks to you, Mary, for bringing this to light for us and thanks to Marjorie for sharing her post.

    Just wonderful…..

  2. Hi Mary, I didn’t realize Jennifer Berizan was on this CD. I have her Returning CD and have played it for retreats and just for me. It, too, is profoundly beautiful and centering.

  3. What peaceful, lovely music! Thank you! And . . . I love your yard Mary. It looks so inviting. Jack must be a very creative fellow, you are fortunate to have each other.

  4. I agree you have a lovely yard! I am especially interested in Jack’s millstone sculptures. I have a huge one in my yard and don’t know what to do with it. The church down the road wanted to get it out of their parking lot so they gave it to my husband and he deposited it near our driveway. It’s very hard to move so I would like to leave it where it is. I had a stone birdbath on it but it was too far from the house to enjoy. Any ideas for some decorative appeal? Thanks! I look forward to your blog everyday.

  5. Thanks so much for reminding me of Jennifer’s wonderful voice and compositions. Three years ago I lost a treasured dog to lymphoma, and a month later went to a women’s retreat with a teacher who loves to teach about Kuan Yin. She played us Jennifer’s “Returning” and it was so comforting for me to think of my great-spirited blue-eyed Aussie-Husky mix as going back “to the mother of us all”.

    Yet I’d forgotten about it until now. The miraculous part is, that last week a treasured human friend of mine passed over, also from an intractable cancer, and I realize your post must be the synchronicity of life bringing Jennifer’s soulful haunting music back into my life to use as I adjust to this world without my precious friend Sonia in it.

    Thank you so, so much. I can’t tell you what it means to me to have a channel for expressing my grief and also my hope for my friend’s essence to merge into the greater essence of what holds all the worlds together. Bless you.

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