The perfect symphony of Life

dandelion seed taking flight

I love everything about dandilions…their bright yellow heads, the way they transform into perfect fluffy orbs, …and when they are ready, all that is needed is a gentle breeze to release and lift the single seeds into the air, onward and upward to their new home. Nothing in nature rushes. I rush because I think that I have to make something happen. I rush because I think that I am really important, or not important at all. I rush because I forget that I don’t have to.

Below the “surface” I am connected to everything…all is perfect timing…my small part is just as important as yours…yours as mine…even this dandelion seed, going someplace where we will never see it again, is playing its vital role in this beautiful symphony of life.

I never rush myself. See, they can’t start the game without me. Satchel Paige

20 thoughts on “The perfect symphony of Life

  1. On Memrial day Chris and I went to the beach. while we were floating in the water Chris rescued a bee. He carried it on his hand to land and talked to him, telling him he was saving him and please don’t sting him. The bee flew off and did NOT sting him. A little while later he found another one floating (or drowning). So he asked me to carry this one in and I did…saying the same thing to him. He did NOT sting me either and flew off. We are truely all connected! We left feeling very good as I think the bees did too!

  2. I love Dandelions! always have, I like their attitude! as a child I made dandelion bracelets, checked under chins to see butter, and blew wishes on the fluffy seeds! And I used to know a lady who made dandelion wine talk about potent!!! :O)
    there was one growing last week right next to the patio which I left. there was a crew working on the grounds (Wonderful Senior Apartments) all week, great job, and when they were all done, mowing and digging and trenching and spraying and mulching…..the little dandelion was still there!

  3. and the symphony of life is indeed beautiful, even when at a particular moment I don’t see it quite that way….I really rushed this am.. I had slowly walked into Mud Pond this am. What a joy to see each Lady Slipper and Pitcher Plant. After I heard thunder…I was pretty impressed w/ my exit speed! 😉 (I remembered that I had left all my windows open at home.) On my drive home I watched a moose cross in front of me…and my camera this morning???

  4. Sometimes it is hard to stop, take a breath and remember to relax and not rush through life. Thanks for the reminder Mary. I am glad to know I am not the only one that saves drowning bees! I always rescue worms when it rains and save bees floating in ponds (I have never been stung). Maybe I am a bit crazy. I can’t say I am fond of dandelions as my yard is full of them (thousands of them) . . . perhaps I need an attitude adjustment!

  5. May we all be as considerate as the man who saved the bees. We all need kindnesses in our lives. Our lives get too hectic and we need to slow down every day and just savor the moment, Watch the wind blow the leaves of a tree.
    Thank you, Mary, for reminding us.


  6. At last, I find out I’m not the only one who loves dandelions! They’ve been especially cheerful this spring; they brightened the day and my spirits, bringing to mind childhood memories of blowing their white tufts to the wind.

  7. Slowing down, taking time to smell the roses – or notice the dandelions, yes! My yoga teacher has a lovely 3 word phrase that she uses throughout class – instead of chugging along from one pose to another, she often says, “Pause and Feel” – sort of goes along with Jon Katz’s invitation to his videos on Bedlam Farm, “Come and See” – but we’ll never take that opportunity if we don’t first slow down, give pause, take that time to feel, look and see – so thank you Mary and Jon today for connecting the dots!

  8. Thank you again Mary for a wonderful post. Dandelions always remind me of my childhood and I love yellow and green. My sweet husband is a turtle saver. He always stops his car on any road to carry a turtle across to it’s safety. He carries a stick in the car for the snappers to latch on to. I wish I could be so kind to stink bugs, but I’m not.

  9. AHhhhhhhh. [ Very long pause.]
    Just wish I could feel the same reverence about oxalis. As a child, I loved the yellow buttercup flowers; as a grown-up gardener, I laugh at my never-ending battle to stem (pun intended) the tide.
    How to reconcile the two? Connected from polar opposite viewpoints? I guess there is more work to do in the middle…
    But at least there’s no rush to find out.

  10. When I read your posts, almost daily, I always feel revitalized, more connected and centered. Thank you 🙂

  11. Thank you for another lovely post. I think the dandelions are so pretty and the greens make a great tonic for spring.

    • The only writing I do is here on the blog and correspondence with friends and family, although it’s always been a joy for me when I’ve been put to the task. How very kind of you to say; you made my day!

  12. I’m a newbie; my first post. Enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for your pleasant insights.

  13. Oh my! I must say I loved dandelions as a child for all the above mentioned reasons, but I’m afraid I’ve become a dandelion snob of sorts. I pluck them out of my flower gardens and lawn with satisfaction! I do appreciate the connection of all things human, and natural. I love the quote you used today Mary.

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