It’s time

My new office space; getting ready to be occupied

I found a beautiful blue robin’s eggshell yesterday morning about 1/2 mile into my run. I picked it up…admired the color and thought, this is almost the same color as my new office. I ran along with this tiny bit of shell, that once protected, nurtured and finally released new life into the world,…just the opposite of my office which is empty, waiting to be cleaned and occupied. How interestingly balanced life can seem sometimes! Are these two things related? How can they not be?

I  also noticed that I had to be conscious of  the egg-shell while I ran, holding my hand cupped, not too tight which would crush it, or too open because it would fall out. It was more effort to stay focused on this shell (that could not have weighed more than 1/20 th of an oz) than I was comfortable with. I just couldn’t help making the analogy of running with the egg-shell and my mind. So often, I don’t want to corral it…don’t want to make the effort, even though I have been assured, by sages and wise ones throughout time, that  the focused mind is the creative seed and work of this life, and that I will ultimately get what I focus on.

I can choose to focus on what I want: a better office space, lighter, beautiful views, the excited feeling that I get when I think of this wonderful new space, or what I don’t want: To move again, fear that the office will be too hot with southern exposure, thought that the building is for sale and what if I have to move again?

Thinking of the baby robin and me. I am sure that it did not have one thought of “What if I don’t like the location, This tree is not that stable, Why did my parents choose this nest? Where are my brothers and sisters going to live? I hope they don’t plan on moving to far away, What if someone cuts this tree down?…, not one of these….just , “It’s time…the gentle nudge, it’s time….fly”.

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  1. Awesome as always! Your stories are inspiring. I love them. My family and I are trying to purchase a new home. The intent in the new home is to start a pet grooming business that I will run. The overall goal is for me to be more available to my children. I struggle everyday with “where”. What is the best location? What is the best town? Who should we live closest too. I am in need of a nudge or a sign. I feel like they are around me I just need to focus more. Thank you for my nudge today. God Bless.

  2. Your office looks great, Mary; very bright and cheerful and welcoming. Maybe it will be easier to focus in there. Focusing is hard work and this room looks like it would support the task.

  3. Living in the now, just as Simon, the donkey, is doing is the key to life and survival!

  4. Love your new office space Mary! Don’t worry, just enjoy and be in the moment like you were when you ran with the fragile eggshell. You were carrying yourself forward to meet the new challenges of the day…beautiful!

  5. That looks like a pleasant office space painted in a psychologically soothing color.

    I think you’ll find this article rather interesting.

    I think Mary that blue, and the fact that you’re so calming will only help you help others in that especially welcoming space that gets good light. Think of when the winter comes how light is important for seasonal affective disorder. I see that there is a shaded side window that would be good for a window sized AC unit should it become too humid and intolerable for you or your clients.

    I think the universe chose the nest, office space.

  6. Love the office, love the color and the windows!!!
    They are beautiful, I love the arch. Looks like a nice space. You will enjoy it.

    I am so glad Simon is doing better. I hope he continues to improve. He has a nice safe home now. Thank yous to Jon and Marie.


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