Trying Something New, part 2

My life is flowing beautifully....

A few people wrote, after the last blog, that trying new things is either not that interesting or possible at this point in their lives. By far the most powerful “new thing” that I have ever done, has been to change my mind; to think a new thought about an old/unpleasant situation. I really believe that we wouldn’t have to move a muscle, and we could completely transform ourselves, and our lives, by changing our minds.

The other day, I sat down to meditate and I heard Luke grab my shoe and take it into the other room to gnaw on. I felt the irritation rise up. I knew I should get up and get it but I really didn’t want to move, so I tried to quiet my mind. I  kept repeating, “My life is flowing beautifully and everything is perfect.” As I repeated this, I could actually start to feel my body/emotions changing and calming down. My feelings also changed about the importance of a shoe.

I came out of meditation and found he didn’t have my shoe at all. He had grabbed a toy that was under my chair. This huge range of emotions; anger to peace, all happened in reaction to what I was thinking. How many times have I not questioned my mind when it tells me to be upset about something?! Sometimes, when I am faced with what my head is calling a “bad thing”, I will say either to myself, or out loud, “I wonder what good thing will come from this? I am really looking forward to seeing how this will turn out!”

There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them. Anthony de Mello

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  1. and thanks for the following quote to ponder!!
    “There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.” Anthony de Mello

  2. I love this thinking…I try to do it myself and thank God, now it comes pretty natural to me. Especially when I’m held up in traffic or delayed for something. I think…thanks Lord for keeping me in this place now, probably for my protection. Then I am not aggrivated by it but am able to be in peace. Wish I had learned this 30 years ago. But better late than never!

  3. Another great post Mary! And the quote is so true – how easy to assume something (wrongly) and get worked up for absolutely nothing.

  4. Mary, I didn’t comment the other day because I didn’t completely agree with the
    Idea that we should try new things to expand ourselves, not that expanding oneself is bad, I just feel content in my life and I find comfort in my routines. I don’t feel stagnant, just at peace (mostly). What I need to remember is that this is a safe place to express myself even if my thinking on an issue is different from others. I honor and respect the opinions you express Mary, and those of our little community, thank you for the opportunity to be heard and most of all ponder a new way of viewing the world.

  5. This is one of those things that take me “another time around the mountain” I like to call it. In that I learn it and I really have it this time, and then something happens and I need to be reminded again. Thank you for doing that! It is impossible from up close, to tell our blessings from our curses in this life. We need the big picture to do that. Case in point, how many lottery winners lives are ruined?

    Thank you Mary for stating it so well. Much love!

  6. Good morning Mary! Your picture and post are just beautiful on this Sunday morning. Since recently retiring, I have been “playing” so to speak with my creative side and having so much fun. I finished a piece the other day and hadn’t “named” it yet. Then yesterday, with all the rain, as I looked at it, it came to me…and I titled it simply “Flow…”. And then this morning I wake up to your post…and just smiled…I hope you can feel my hug!

  7. You can’t change things outside yourself. Only your reaction to,and perception of, them. I suspect many people don’t think of this as change, but it most certainly is. Yes, life flows along, as do we, and it is up to us to enjoy our life as much as we can, for it is far too short. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  8. Happy Sunday Morning Everyone. Here’s to new thinking! Bravo!!!
    Sometimes when I get an envelope in the mail, before I open it, I will get a nervous feeling that it is bad news…from a bill collector…or whoever. Right before I open it, I’ll think, “Why does it always have to be bad news…it could just as easily be something good…or neutral.” It usually is.

    Each day and each moment is like that envelope waiting to be opened. I wonder what good things will come from this day? I am really looking forward to it. Thanks, Mary.

  9. Sometimes I am so worried or worked up about something and I am tense, nervous, etc.
    If I can just change the way I am thinking about the “thing”, it changes the whole way I feel.

    The weight just falls off your shoulders. We just need the ability to change our perceptions of the “thing” that is worrying us so much. Sometimes it’s not even important or as important as we thought it was.

    Sometimes we need to just be quiet and still and let go! Things usually work out without our help……. “the dog and the shoe” example.

    I have a fountain outside my back porch with a porch swing near it. I love to sit there on a quiet early morning with a cup of coffee and just listen to the water and the birds. It is so calming for the soul. We need that every day.
    The picture is beautiful, Mary. What a wonderful place to go!

    Love your posts , Mary.

    God Bless YOU .

  10. I love the posts of the last two days and appreciate so much everyone’s comments. It is such a gift to realize that we really can change our way of thinking, that we do not have to be trapped by preconceived notions or old habits. I am reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, The Miracle of Mindfulness and he reminds us that our breath is THE tool to mindfulness, and I would think that goes hand in hand with Mary’s message (again, good old Luke and the shoe!) By staying calm and breathing sweetly, she was able to let that distraction go and enter her time of meditation. If I may share from his book, page 37:
    “Breath is a tool. Breath itself is mindfulness. Our breath is such a fragile piece of thread. But once we know hot to use it, it can become a wondrous tool to help us surmount situations which would otherwise seem hopeless. Our breath is the bridge from our body to our mind, the element which reconciles our body and mind and which makes possible one-ness of body and mind. Breath is the tool that can bring them both together, illuminating both and bringing peace and calm.”

    Peace and calm and sweet breath to all this beautiful day.

  11. Mary, it’s spooky how you always post solutions just when I need them! Last week was full of stress and my mind raced ahead and made sure I was upset about every little thing before it even happened. All that negative energy amounted to nothing and just made my week worse than it had to be. And it’s all up to ME to avoid that going forward. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  12. The more I learn in this life, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. Life is an exciting adventure, every day a new page to write on. You never know what kind of twists and turns it may take, but it sure keeps it interesting. Changing our way of thinking about something and getting a new perspective on it can give us a glimpse of of our world in a whole new way. I am thankful for all of you and the ideas you share. May you all have a great day!

  13. Wow, after reading Deb’s line, “Life is an exciting adventure, every day a new page to write on”, I now just have to share the poem Garrison Keillor posted, today of course! Adds a touch of humor to our discussion. Again, happy day to all!


    by Eleanor Lerman

    What gets you up in the morning?

    For me it is the thought
    that someday, I will be
    as far away from here
    as I can get

    Watch me
    rubbing out the lines behind me
    I recommend it

    I recommend
    fooling everyone into thinking
    that you have settled down
    and then heading for the hills

    The dog will bare his teeth
    if instructed and meet up
    with you later. It’s good
    you named him Bandito:
    he’ll watch your back

    This, by the way, this is not a fantasy
    It is page 69 (ha ha!) of the manual
    I read when we were planning
    the takeover

    So it didn’t happen—so what?
    This is better
    Wait until I tell you
    what’s on the next page

    “Bandito” by Eleanor Lerman, from The Sensual World Re-Emerges. © Sarabande Books, 2010.

  14. Love the Luke and the shoe-toy (ha-ha, get it?) story. One of the things that keeps me in touch with my inner process, including trying new things and thinking in new ways, is having dogs in my life. Sometimes they call me on my impatience just by reacting to it. Just when I think they are settled in a routine, they switch it up on me in one way or another. I go walking when I otherwise wouldn’t, and sometimes I get out and about when I’d rather sit around on the couch, because I know they’ve been bored in the house while I’m away at work.

    Just last weekend I made a new friend because I took one of my dogs on an errand in a rather fashionable part of town we only go to every few weeks, and stopped into a place that is a combination dog daycare, shelter for fostering rescues, and a gourmet/high-end dog toy and treat store. Started talking to a young woman who was in there with her unusual looking adopted dog and as she’s new in town, gave her a lot of info on resources for dogs; then discovered we have common ground professionally as well. I would never have been in the place if I weren’t a dog owner/lover.

    They aren’t the only source of “newness” in my life, but they are a regular source of it, and of self-awareness in the moment-to-moment daily life we share. Even my next-door neighbors’ dog and the “buddies” we have in the neighborhood keep life fun and fresh.

  15. Reading this post and the replies yesterday inspired me to overcome inertia and a little fear about going to a workshop that I had been invited to, but had decided not to attend. My reasons to skip it were that I had to drive over a half hour to get there, it disrupting my usual Sunday routine and I had a bit of anxiety about meeting/interacting with new people. in other words, I didn’t want to move beyond my comfort zone.

    I totally agree that it is uncanny how these posts often touch right on the issue I’m wrestling with and offer a fresh perspective. I decided to challenge myself and go. I met wonderful women, learned new things and had fun. Thanks for helping me to get in the car and out of the comfort zone.

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