Today I’ll find no sorrow….

One of the things that I really want in our new house is a porch…I want to sit and watch the world from the front and back of my house. Yesterday, as Jack and I were riding by one of my all time favorite houses (with a great porch), I commented that I would love to see the inside, and Jack said, “Do you want me to see if Paul is home?”… Paul was home, and was delighted to give us a tour. He had thought about selling, at one point, but now thinks he may keep it. The house is WAY beyond our current means….7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, gorgeous back yard, wonderful feel, what a treat it was to even think about.

And this morning, I am here in our little 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage. Writing and  knowing that everything, for today, is as it should be. Thoughts that I should be someplace else, that what I am, or what I have, are not good enough, make me so unhappy and  dissatisfied with life. So, like the words to the song, Looking Out My Backdoor, ” I have to say to my mind sometimes, “Bother me tomorrow, today I’ll find no sorrow…”

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  1. I can relate! Chris and I were at the beach with our granddaughter, Ashlee. As we were bobbing up and down in the water, we were daydreaming about which beautiful house we would like to live in. We were looking at million $ homes. Ashlee, who is nine, looked at me and said”MeMe…your house is perfect, don’t ever move!” It was like a divine revelation! She made me realize that our home is “perfect” for us! We too are right where we should be!

  2. why don’t you remodel? when we bought our house, it was just a cottage but we added a second story loft and bathroom. a porch is easy to add. we bought our windows and many materials at salvage places. there’s a great one in vermont called great american salvage.

  3. “Bother me tomorrow, today I’ll find no sorrow…” YOU BET!!!! I will pass the video on to my musical grandsons! My heart smiles! Thanks You Mary!

    Early morning hike
    Mud Pond.
    Lady Slippers passing ..
    Pitcher plants reaching upwards
    Blue Sky!
    Cool Temps…
    Warm heart
    Daytime chores begin..
    reading/writing time…..

  4. What a way to start today….Credence and a simple yet profound message from you, Mary.
    Lessons all arond us…depending upon the lenses through which we’re viewing our day.

    Today, I will choose to see no sorrow.

  5. What a beautiful reminder! We can always find reasons to want something more, different, bigger, better. Even if we achieve those things, the bar changes and we are off again on the next quest. What a refreshing thought ….to take delight and to feel content with what we have or where we are right now. Beautiful message Mary. Thank you!

  6. “Bother me tomorrow, today I’ll find no sorrow!” – Wouldn’t you love to see that on a bumper sticker instead of all the frustrations and huffing and puffing? Marjorie, I can see you’re a girl after my own heart, a morning girl! I just loved the last line of your poem, :Daytime chores begin..AFTER reading/writing time. I second that! And most definitely all chores on hold until I savor the morning’s news from White Feather Farm and Friends!

  7. So funny, I could have sworn I typed a D for Daytime chores – and yet it posted with a happy face – what little elf is playing here on the farm? Happy day to all!

  8. I spent the morning at a seminar on senior safety, adult abuse, extortion… What a wonderful change to come home to Mary and Credence Clearwater Revivial! No more sorrow for today.

    I live in a small house, too. It has an incredible, back door view of my blueberry filled field and a pond beyound. Several of my friends have suggested that I have a deck built the entire length of the back of house complete with a hot tub, fire pit, and a large gas grill. That would mean finding someone to build it, going to the planning board for a permit, and lots of money for all those toys. I am content to let it be my “virtual deck” and just sit at my weathered picnic table watching the birds, butterfies, and fire flies with a backdrop of lupine, daisies, buttercups, and roses. It doesn’t cost a cent. Doot, doot, doot, looking out my backdoor.

    1. LOVED your ending to your posting, Susan! I think we’ll ALL be looking out our backdoors for some time to come. 🙂

  9. This song will run through my head all day, love it. I want to get outside and weed, do more plantings, and then sit on the front porch and find no sorrow. Would be hard to find on this gorgeous day anyway. I will definitely write this on my wall also.

  10. My Dad had a neighbor who was a mighty fine carpenter build a lovely deck on the rear of the house. The front porch is now so much like a garden room with thrift store wicker furniture, plants, garden plants, wind-chimes. With the Catbirds and the wrens, besides butterflies and hummers it is a delight to be in that company.

    Mary, have you ever considered building a front deck with an awning on the front of your cottage then you’d get your porch that you’ve wanted for some time. Nothing fancy mind you, but something to enjoy while you are on your quest of a larger abode.

  11. ZING! Another bull’s-eye on the synchronous scale.
    I believe you mentioned wanting to move closer to town, so a remodel won’t address that. Last year, we wanted to move to a little country property, further from town, with a couple acres of “fresh dirt” to satisfy my growing needs. It all looked like a go until an eleventh hour, all cash offer came in from someone else. Disappointment doesn’t begin to cover how I felt.
    But with a fresh perspective, I realized something I’d overlooked with my rose colored glasses: The move meant a much longer commute for my husband (which he downplayed tremendously, just to make me happy.) It reminded me of the O’Henry story.
    So I now I know it just wasn’t meant to be until he gets to retire in a couple years, and then it will be a win-win for us both. ” Bother me tomorrow….” doot, doot, doot.

    1. ….the blessing of “fresh perspectives”… thanks so much for yours Cheryl!

  12. My no sorrow day is today (well, I guess we should actually strive for it everyday, but alas…..) since I worked yesterday and, technically found none there either, but I have my back door today! Am loving it plus catching up on my White Feather Farm blog. Plus two!!

    I am terrible with lyrics. Love music and the beat but was always, always lame on getting the lyrics in my head. Have listened to this song probably close to a gazillion times and never picked up that line. LOVE IT!! How wonderful that those musicians at that age came up with that phrase. Endearing.

    Ah, want what you have and then you will always have what you want. One of my favorite old stand-bys. Thanks for the reassurance, Mary.

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