One more thing

A few people told me today that they did not realize that the little links at the bottom of many of my posts are either videos or songs (or both). The song that I shared on this morning’s post is so lovely that I wanted to send it again in case you missed it (it is really worth listening to).

So to all of you beautiful women, men, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers out there, this song is also for you.

5 thoughts on “One more thing

  1. What a wonderful song. My precious sister, who was Downs, lived with me for 20 years. She was my heart. This puts it into words.

  2. and this speaks to many hearts..mine included…. my grandsons…melt my heart…tears of joy..Thanks Mary!!!

  3. I have loved that song for quite awhile. I have it on a CD by Shaina Noll called “Songs for the Inner Child.” You might enjoy some of the other songs on this CD. They are also on You Tube I believe.

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