Too much information

This morning: The misty field across from our home

Last evening, I heard a mew outside. I knew that it wasn’t one of our cats (or our neighbor’s cats). It was the cry of a kitten, but I couldn’t see it. I went outdoors, in the fading light, trying to see if I could locate the direction of the crying and caught a glimpse of the small yellow kitten on the edge of the field across the street.

I grabbed a plate of cat food and headed across the road, gently calling to it, and thinking at the same time, “We do not need another cat. I wonder if my friend Diana wants another cat? How did a kitten get in the field? Mandy said she wanted a kitten, I wonder if she would want this one?  If I can get him/her where can it stay tonight? I wonder if it is sick? It probably has fleas and loads of ticks…”  Just on and on. Questions, doubts, all the while calling kitty, kitty, kitty.

It was very small, and obviously afraid of people. As soon as it saw me it ran into the deep grass and disappeared. I stayed for a while trying to coax it out and then left the food, hoping it would at least eat. 15 minutes later I heard it again and again I tried to get it, but could not. Then a huge thunderstorm rolled in. The kitten ran across the road and into the woods. I thought about it off and on all night. Said prayers for its safety.

I heard it again this morning, but still could not find it. I left more food out, hoping to bring it nearer to us. As I reflected on the situation, part of me longed for the “simpler days”. When I was a child, if I found a stray kitten or cat I brought it home without a thought of its state of health, the effect it would have on our other cats, or me.  Now I have much more information. Information about cat diseases, flea infestation, cat socialization and the time it takes to integrate a new animal into the home, statistics about this being the time of year when many kittens are born and are very hard to place. When does “information” stop being helpful and start making me crazy?! When I get into the future.

If I stay in the moment, I am fine. If I see a hungry kitten, I am going to feed it. If it will let me touch it, I will bring it home. That is all I need to know right now. I feel a deep sense of relief when I stay out of the future”what if’s”.


“He who is not everyday conquering some fear, has not learned the secret of life.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. I do SO hope you find the kitten, Mary. A good friend here just adopted a young dog, who slipped his collar and bolted the very first night! Apparently he only ran into the bushes around her garden and watched the house. She caught glimpses of him for two days, and on the third day was able to lure him back in the house with chicken strips. He was a rescue and had a chain embedded around his neck when picked up, which had to be surgically removed. He will be a long time learning to trust humans, but I am confident that she will be able to restore his faith. His name is Brody, could have been Simon, eh?

  2. I pray for the kitten. The kitten can not find anybody better to take care of him/her. I know first hand!

  3. Mary, I too will be praying for the kitty gods to lead the little one into your house. Good luck. Thanks for the lovely and appropriate message.

  4. Shelagh, I am praying for Brody! So thankful someone rescued him in time. I hope the kitten lets you rescue him or her, Mary.
    Seems I am always worrying about things that ‘Might’ happen in the future. I am reminded that “we don’t know what the future holds, But we know Who holds the future!”

    Good luck with the kitten. Thank God for compassionate people.

  5. Oh Mary, I will be praying for that little kitten! Please keep us updated, as I always worry myself sick about stuff like this until it’s resolved.

    Your excellent example about the “what if’s” and what they do to one’s head, is so right on. I learned how to do that from my mom, bless her heart, and I just said to her the other day that, all my life, very little of what I agonized over, ever came to pass. I said that it may be late in the game, but I am going to try to only deal with things I have any control over. No more “bad future stories” for this gal!

    And then, here appeared your post……… 🙂

  6. Thanks for Emerson’s quote. How exciting that we can choose not to be stagnant! Too much information can be double sided. But you are still trying to assist the kitten..Lucky kitten…enjoy

  7. I just returned from volunteering at our local shelter. They have 47 kittens now and all so adorable. I would love to take them all, but that’s impossible. Hopefully they will all find good homes. I have a feeling Mary you will be getting a new family member soon.

    1. I will keep everyone posted on the kitty….have not seen her/him yet this afternoon.

  8. When I heard that storm roll in I visualized a safe, protected space for the little one, and all the little ones. I’m honored that you thought of me! Trusting that just the right outcome will appear.

  9. “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it happens.” ~ a saying my husband always used to say. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the present, May.

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