The “Wonder” of it all. ….and a little contest!

a cute little bag!

I got up later than Jack this morning. He was sitting in the living room drinking coffee as I came down the stairs and the first thing he said was, “You would not believe what happened last night!” I could tell it was going to be a good story so I poured my coffee and sat down to listen.

He said, “About midnight, I heard Esther (one of our six cats) at the front door. I opened it to let her in and guess who was sitting there like she was one of the family? Wonder! ” We had named the feral kitten, that we heard several days ago and have been feeding but unable to get close to, “Wonder”, after the Stevie Wonder song (from yesterday’s blog), “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”. (we’re not sure if “she” is really a she or a he but we don’t like saying “it” so Wonder is a she for now). This is so unusual.  Esther is the alpha cat. She chases every cat off our property and orders our others (4 males and another female) around the house like she is the queen. The thought that she would even allow another cat to be sitting on our front step with her is amazing.

I get a weekly reading from the Findhorn Foundation* and after listening to Jack’s story about Wonder, I opened their email, and this was how part of it read, “….Those who live by it (the inner voice of knowing) know of the wonder of it, know what happens when it is obeyed, know how doors are flung wide open, know how wonder upon wonder comes about, know the joy and glory it brings with it, know that it works.” *

I love it when I get affirmations from the universe like this…it makes me remember that I am a part of a something so big, so good, so expansive and so beyond my conscious mind’s ability to figure it out, that I must let go and trust that this river of life is safe to plunge into!

So what does the little bag have to do with the kitten? Besides being about the same size, nothing!  I bought it a while back and have never used it. It was made in Guatemala and has a print on the back that looks like a Guatemalan fabic. It is so cute and such a perfect little summer bag that I thought one of my readers might like it. To enter this contest, post a comment with the word WONDER in it. Feel free to “tell a story” or just post the word. I will choose a random entry in the morning and mail the bag out to the winner.

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  1. Morning Glory, I like the word “Wonder” because my name is Alice. And I am often in wonderland. I try to always look for the wonderful in everything. Sometimes I wander accross the country to find new and wondrous things. Thank you for your post. Have a blessed and wonderful day.


  2. I “wonder” what the conversation between Esther and Wonder was like before Esther welcomed the little one into the house!

    Wonder: Hello, Most Exalted House Cat, you had better let me in…. your mom and her online friends are all sending me messages about coming into the house.
    Esther: Aha, you are the one everyone has been fussing about! I like your attitude. Come on in, welcome to the family!

  3. What a nice story. I have had so many wonderous things happen to me that I could write a book…..perhaps I should! I truly believe the universe works in this way if you just practice gratitude and believe that all is working for the ultimate good. One of the wondrous people that have come into my life is my granddaughter, Daisy, who is 4 and adopted from China. She is a little lightworker and a gift to all who meet her. Your purse with the lovely little pink daisies on it made me think of her. I look forward to your posts each day. Thank you for your insights.

  4. Many, many years ago, after we first moved to Leicester, one of my cats demanded that I follow her outside – this was December, mind you. She led me to just under the living room window and pointed out a tiny black kitten sitting in the snow. Kitten was subsequently named Jessye Norman for her extremely loud voice. As a baby she nested in my hair at night. I rescued her from trees from time to time and there is a much longer story about one of those adventures! Did I mention that the December day was also my birthday?

  5. There shall be signs and WONDERS!! I can’t tell you how much I love this posting and how happy I am for sassy little Wonder. Blessings to Esther.

  6. Mary, your post about WONDER is WONDERful. You have two affirmations regarding this little kitten…one from Esther and one
    from Findhorn Foundation. Best wishes to all your kitties, you and

  7. Yahoo! I was wondering what came of that wonderful little cat. Wondering where s/he would live. It’s a wonderful story. Are you enjoying the wonder of it all? Clearly you are! Like when you were a young girl and every stray animal was a potential new best friend. Wonder(s) abound! Have a wonderous day!

  8. I wonder about signs.This morning my dog Fred & I went out the front door for his usual walk around the yard and as he was watering the lawn,we came face to face with twin fawns. So Fred wouldn’t chase them I snapped his leash on and we continued on our walk. The fawns didn’t run they just watched us. As we were coming back to the house ,they popped out of another trail that comes out into the yard.There we were again face to face! We watched each other for at least 2 minutes before the fawns got bored and went on their way. Lived on this property for 30+ years and have never seen such a wonder.White tails bobbing in the woods is the most I’ve ever seen. It was magical! Don’t need the purse,just wanted to tell somebody about the experience.Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. Ever wonder why children have the most beautiful laughs? It’s because they see the wonder in everything. Sometimes my husband tells me that I’m such a kid (even though I’m 57!) I always tell him that is the nicest thing he can tell me. Mary, you are such a kid!

  10. A few nights ago, my husband and I were sitting in his upstairs office/bedroom, watching T.V. It was a warm night. The windows were open and the ceiling fan rotated lazily, bringing a light breeze to the room. I was knitting while my “other half” was at his computer, revising a newly written poem. It was a quiet night in the country…

    Then we heard the cry. It sounded like a hungry baby. We have no children in the area, so a cry like that is unusual and very noticeable. “What IS that?” I asked my husband. He thought a moment. “Sounds like someone with a hungry child,” he said, “although that would be weird around here.”

    “Maybe it’s an animal?” I offered. Roger decided to go and see. Our yard attracts critters all the time and many of them are quite tame. It’s not unusual for red squirrels, chipmunks, all kinds of birds and even the occasional albino skunk to wander in and stay awhile.

    A few moments later, Roger returned, chuckling aloud. “Did you find out what that was?” I asked. “It sounded desperate and persistent.”

    “Sure did,” Roger said. “Bet you can’t guess what it was!”

    I thought for a minute or two. “Well, I know it wasn’t a child. Was it the catbird that nests in our shed? Or one of the meadowlarks that imitates other birds?”

    “Nope,” Roger said. “It was a red fox! When she saw me, she shrieked and ran off! But she was beautiful.”

    Although we have fox around the area where we live, they almost never come onto anyone’s property, let alone allow someone to see them.

    Every day here – and we’ve lived in this region of Central NY State for 16 years now – there’s another WONDER to be encountered and experienced. That we all co-exist peacefully (mostly) – birds, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and humans – is always thrilling to us.


  11. WONDER, the keeping of an open mind and an expansive heart! Leads to delights otherwise missed.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Your blog is so applicable to my life and reading it has a very calming and steadying effect on me. I look forward to it each day.

    I too, share my home with cats (5) as well as a dog, 2 rabbits and 2 hamsters. As a fellow cat lover, I must say that it sounds like WONDER makes #7 for you!

  13. I wonder if I will be the lucky recipient of the wonderful little purse Mary is offering with her story of Wonder, the feral kitten.

  14. I am continually in awe and wonder at the frequency your blog entries have a timely answer or affirmation to an issue I have been considering in my life!

    Thank you, for that and thank you for taking caring of “Wonder”. Please keep us posted on her progress and keep on being in tune with the universe so that we can connect with it also.


  15. This one you have to sing; I tried to put up the YouTube version but it’s not available in this country!??!
    Okay… it’s 1958 and the group is The Monotones…..
    “Well I wonder, wonder, who-de-ddoo-de-doo
    Who wrote the book of love????”

    Me thinks her name is Mary! (and all who visit here.)

  16. Mary, what a wonderful story about “Wonder”! Animals never cease to amaze and fascinate me. What a sad world it would be without them. I am filled with wonder every day because I have animals in my life (my two precious kitty cats).
    Thank you for sharing this delightful story!

  17. Good morning everyone from super hot Arizona – might be 117 degrees tomorrow! These stories are just wonderful and wonder filled! Kelly, you cracked me up with your kitty conversation – and the red fox, Sue? Just gave me chills as did the most timely message, Mary, from the Findhorn Foundation. My own wonder story happened about five years ago on a morning walk with my dog Dobie, a male who was six at the time. I am talking true desert trails, – we often see coyote, javalina, even a black tailed fox (once!) – gotta keep an eye out for snakes too of course. So imagine my wonder when ahead of us on the trail I saw a little black dog just calmly trotting along. But she was not attached to any human, nor did she have a collar. I thought, ‘oh-oh’, not knowing how my male dog was going to react to a strange dog who was obviously approaching with every intention of greeting Dobie. To my amazement, this little dog walked right up to Dobie, and started kissing him all over his face, – which Dobie tolerated, – I could not believe my eyes. I waited to see if her owner would appear from farther down the trail, but nobody came. I bent over to check if this little dog was male or female, and hurray! She was a little girl and utterly smitten with Dobie. I could not leave her in the desert – she would have been some coyote’s lunch by noon for sure, and yet I had no leash with which to lead her home to safety. All I had to do was pat my leg, and she happily trotted alongside us all the way home. I walked in the door and my husband said, “What is THIS”? and I said, THIS is a dog! By day’s end, he, too had fallen in love with her, and though I dutifully posted “found signs” around the neighborhood and on PETS 911 on the internet, I was secretly holding my breath that nobody would claim her. Five years later, little Lucky is still my wonder dog – where did she come from? She surely stole my heart!

  18. Yeah! for Mary and Susan in Az. opening their hearts and homes to a lost , uncared for animal. They are truly wonderful and the animals rescued bring such a love and devotion and true thankfulness to our lives. Animals of all kinds are wonderful. Sometimes I wonder about people who do not like animals. They are missing out on so much. Thanks for the post , Mary.
    I am glad Wonder found a good home.

  19. What fun comments and stories! This is such a cool group. Susan A., I love your little “Lucky” story. She would have been a coyote snack for sure!

  20. I’ve formed a partnership with a mare mule so quickly that I’m amazed at the wonder of ‘that whole thing.’ This was so fast by lesson two, she was lowering her head, and gently rubbing it on me as I sat on my rollator seat on the elevated mounting block. I’ve been riding her. Feeling pretty great about being back to dressage training after over a year. Feeling pretty wonderful with the possibilities for competition, after I apply for dispensation. Then feeling great about the possibility of teaching other disabled persons horseback riding, and dressage.

  21. I wonder why I never knew that milkweed flowers smell so nice? I guess it’s because I didn’t know that they flowered…..I’ve never even considered looking at them.

    I will NEVER EVER pass another blooming milkweed plant without smelling it!!! Thanks for sharing your many lessons, Mary.

  22. What a “wonder”ful ending to your story! I think Esther picked up the earths vibrations of all our prayers for your new kitty. One of my cats, named Olive, was discovered abandoned at about 3 days old. My family and I bottle fed her. Today, July 1st, happens to be her 6th birthday. Olive acts more like a dog than a cat. I think she is an angel in disguise because she saved our home from fire. Congratulations on your new four-legged child.

  23. When no one else can understand me
    When everything I do is wrong
    You give me hope and consolation
    You give me strength to carry on

    And you’re always there to lend a hand
    In everything I do
    That’s the wonder
    The wonder of you

    And when you smile the world is brighter
    You touch my hand and I’m a king
    Your kiss to me is worth a fortune
    Your love for me is everything

    I’ll guess I’ll never know the reason why
    You love me like you do
    That’s the wonder
    The wonder of you.

  24. I love your poem Tish and love all the comments that are told on Mary’s blog. I wouldn’t go a day without checking in to read all the great posts. I’m beginning to wonder if we’re not all deep down soul sisters with a deep affection for all living things.

  25. I often wonder how the chain of events happens. I have been a follower of Jon Katz’s writings and marvel at his insights and now through him, I found you and your wonderful site. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Will wonders never cease? Couldn’t resist….

    I have my own little wonder, named Evin Rude, at first because his purr was like a motorboat and the last name came into play as he got older and much BIGGER. When he was very small, I came home to find a passel of kittens in my yard, one of which was Evin. I opened my front door to go into the house and Evin invited himself in. I know a sign when I see it, so off he went to the vet for his shots and he’s been with me ever since. Sadly, he is also a bully despite being neutered, so often his name “EVIN!!!!!” is shouted out to call him off one or the other kitty. Sigh.

    My roommate has a formerly wild kitten named Morgan Le Fay and she has become a very timid (I actually didn’t see her for the first two years she lived with us) but, now, very sweet cat. She even lets me pick her up if I am delivering her nightly wet food portion, but I don’t see her otherwise.


  27. Looking through my garden, never planted this beautiful flower, wonder who, wonder what, wonder which wind brought it here to bestow its beauty to me.

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