Good morning Wonder!

The first picture of Wonder

I set Wonder’s food bowl out this morning and was able to catch a photo (through the window) of her coming out of the bushes for breakfast. She is so cute that I want to pick her up and hug her. She clearly does not want that… won’t even let me get within 3 feet of her. I am going to have to let her set the pace of our relationship. Right now, all she is asking from me is to be fed.

I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.” Abraham Lincoln

*******Thank you everyone for your fun, warm stories after the Wonder post. Cheryl by the sea was the winner of the bag!*********

14 thoughts on “Good morning Wonder!”

  1. Oh she’s adorable! Mary you have such good stories each morning. It brightens my day. Thank You

  2. What an adorable fluff ball of Golden Light, Mary! If she decides to trust , it will be to trust you, no doubt. She looks like a Fairy kitty there! Blessings to you!!

  3. Mary, wonder is just precious. Look at that cute little face! She will be a blessing to you. I can see her sleeping on your bed! Keep us posted on her progress. I knew I liked Abraham Lincoln! I love the quote and want to share it.

  4. Darling little kitty……meant to be in your life.

    Abraham Lincoln was always my favorite President. After reading this quote, my admiration for him is even more solidified.

    Keep the pics and updates coming, Mary. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonder is soooo cute – Sometimes long lasting friendships take time. I had a feral cat live in the rafters of the house for 3 months (after he was trapped) before he would let me talk to him. Now he is the most loving animal I have ever had! He is so connected with me that he will wake me up during the night when my asthma is bothering me. Keep up the good work! Wonder is there for a reason.


  6. I honestly feel like a kid sometimes, getting all my first thing morning chores done so I can sit down and open up the latest adventure from White Feather Farm! And now we will have the continuing saga of Esther and Wonder to look forward to – sounds better than Saturday Morning Cartoons, doesn’t it? Feeling silly this morning (or is it the heat??? 117 today!) Have a happy day all – sending out wishes to Mary Rita for a Wonderful Wedding Weekend!

  7. It is so rare that I postpone the joy of opening my day with everyone here. Today the firecrackers started first thing and I began the ritual of trying to ‘soundproof’ the home front for my oh -so -sound -phobic Border collie, Zoey. As I’m ashamed to admit, I wished less than kind things upon the early revelers for the repercussions upon most of the critters in my neighborhood. Then I got an email from Mary with news of winning the WONDERFILLED bag and my mood melted to gratitude for all the words and people that lift me here on a daily basis.
    Susan A.—I share your anticipation, as silly and kid-like as it might be; it’s ice cream sundaes for breakfast! Just as little Wonder kitty is sustained from a communal love platter, I feel nourished beyond words. Love to you all.

    p.s. Tish M.~ I sang your wonder poem, too. A fellow music lover as well!

  8. Little Wonder Kitty! That’s just the best Cheryl! Really, think about it, this little kitty has no idea, but our little community is already rallying’ around her, almost like a lassoo of love – is that a word or did I just typo again? Lasso? No matter what , this little kitty is being encircled with all of us now, – Mary, ! Just fill her little dish, and keep us in on things! ” Let the cat out of the proverbial bag” which we are so happy was just given to Cheryl! – I know it’s the Arizona heat, but I still say to my son, when I have a surprise for him, that I have a ‘cat in the bag’ – where in the world did that expression come from?

  9. Hi Mary! Nice blog! We may need an orange kitten here at the farm. Redcat died when we moved here and we haven’t found a new red cat yet so keep me posted. I will love to surprise Mark with a kitten!
    Love to you & J!

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