Eat, Play….Love!

Eat, Play,

Wonder has taken up temporary residence in our garage…it is dry and safe (and messy but she does not seem to notice).  Yesterday, after she ate, she started playing with Jack’s wet, dirty boots and socks that he had left on the floor. She also let me pet her while she ate, and then she purred… sweet.

Friends have offered her a place on their farm…talk about pulling on strings; our hearts are already intertwined with hers, but we are very grateful that she will have such a wonderful home. We are also “at capacity” with 6 big cats and 1 big dog in our little tiny house and feel that we cannot give another the good attention that she deserves.

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  1. Ok, the picture is an official “Awwwww-inducing” pic. I love the way kittens play and when adult cats play like kittens.

    Wonder is lucky to have found someone who cared enough to go the extra mile to see that she was/is safe. It is almost impossible to resist kittens when they are any age, but when they are active they are almost irresistable.

    I’m sure that she will have a marvelous, wonderful life with your friends and you can visit her, if you like, when you need a Wonder fix.


  2. Excellent outcome, Mary, for both Wonder and for you and Jack. You gave her your hearts and then helped her along the path to her new and happy destination. She’s blessed…and you’re both blessed. Win-win.

  3. she’s going to be a beauty!! (and are you sure it’s a “she”?… I believe most “marmalade” cats are boys…???

    1. Not sure at all what “she” is…have not been able to get that personal with her yet!

  4. I loved Suzy’s comment – “you are her loving stepping stone to a fulfilling life!” We all know how hard it is when the “empty nest” days arrive, but isn’t it amazing how one can feel that tug of sadness for having even known an animal for a day? I know I fell in love with my little trail dog, Lucky, within that first day we brought her home. And like Jo said, Mary, you can always call up your friends and tell them you need a Wonder Fix! – you’re a little low on Vitamin W! She is just precious!

    1. I just returned home from 2 days away and the first thing I wanted to do was to see Wonder (oh sorry Jack!!)…Yes, it is going to be really hard to say goodbye…thanks for the comment Susan.

  5. Some few years ago, my dog Sally and I found, and rescued a tiny feral kitten, who interestingly, has the same marmalade coloring as Wonder. Tucker was a Wonder-look-alike. He needed much medical intervention to bring him to health. Tucker brought us about four years of divine sweetness.

    Sadly, to our great consternation, we have reason to believe that he was, one October evening, taken by a coyote.

    Here I pause because I feel certain that had I not had him declawed he may have had a built-in chance to escape being dinner for the den. Oh pain!

    Within two weeks I went to a shelter with every intention of bringing home a Tucker-look-alike. Instead a sleek smoky gray kitten crawled onto my shoulder and nuzzled my cheek. We named him Findley, who goes by Finners.
    I decided not to declaw Finners; a good decision and not necessary.

    Mary, thanks for posting her photo in the garden grasses and alas, in your garage. Thanks too, for coaxing her with food and love. May she “Eat, Play, Love”.

  6. I love the beautiful story of Wonder and I’m so glad to hear the happy ending. There are presently 42 adorable kittens at the shelter where I volunteer and when I sit down with them I am covered with kitty love. I get my kitty fix almost every day. Virginia I was happy to hear that Findley wasn’t declawed. On the mountain where I live in Virginia a few people have lost their cats to coyotes but at least with their claws they have a fighting chance.

  7. sorry you won’t keep her- a kitten is such a joy to be around. hope she won’t end up a barn cat- without a real home and people to love her…

  8. So glad you got close enough to pet her/him. So adorable. Wish I lived closer. I miss my big orange cat, Wilson. But I have one cat and one dog now who are very companiable (sp?) and enough for now. Love you.

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