Relaxing into the mystery

Breakfast in the "old" garage!

When I first posted the photograph of “Wonder” on my blog, I was not looking for a home for her. It was too early, in my mind, for that. So when I got an email from friends, Patty and Mark, saying that they had been looking for an orange kitten and would like to adopt her, I was surprised, pleased, a little sad, happy, relieved….

It seems hard enough to place a friendly kitten much less a feral one and yet before I even looked, an answer came…for all of us. Her new family took her (oops…turns out that she is a he!) to the vet on Friday. He is healthy and the vet thought that he had a great personality…so sweet!

I got a wonderful email this morning from Patty and Mark saying that he is sitting on their laps eating out of a spoon. So many “intentions” were answered without struggle: Wonder found a home. Patty and Mark got the kitten they were looking for. And Jack and I finally (after way too much time!) cleaned out our garage because we were having trouble getting around in there when it came time to feed him. When things like this happen, it reaffirms my faith that something much greater than me is working “behind the scenes” for the good of everyone. I can take a deep breath and relax into the mystery and wonder of it all.

And it shall come to pass that, before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.  Isaiah 65:24

17 thoughts on “Relaxing into the mystery”

  1. It can be hard to let the little ones go, partly because they are designed to make you want them and partly because of their own personalities.

    It sounds like Wonder found his place in the world and will be relatively spoiled. You played the part he needed you to play in his life and that is a good thing.

    I’d be interested to see what he looks like in a year when his “kitten-ish” looks have matured. I’d bet he’s gonna be very, very handsome…


  2. The Wonder of it all, pun intended 🙂
    Great news on the little GUY, another one of God’s creatures saved and in a loving home, and another wonderful post. Thanks Mary for enhancing my life and strengthening my soul!

    //Dave Goyette
    Burlington, VT

  3. And it’s liberating, at these times, to realize that the burden is not all ours if we can just take a breath and let life happen. I just adore it when things like this prevail. Simply wonderful. Thanks, as always, for sharing, Mary.

  4. How awesome that the Universe took care of all of you in its own, incredible way.
    This made my day, Mary….thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Mary and fellow blog friends! I’ve been away, now I’m back and am happy to see that Wonder found a home. You will always be a part of Wonder’s story, Mary and he yours. I love the verse from Isaiah.

  6. Thank you Mary for your inspiring words and our new little friend. He is the sweetest little kitten with a very loud purr box, has settled in and gets more playful each time we work with him – hardly work – socializing this kitten is easy as he loves attention. We will keep you all posted.

  7. Patty, it really would be fun to have a “Wonder Post” from time to time. Amazing how this little guy worked his way into hearts across the country, and most especially now, yours! Enjoy him! Mary, this has been such a beautiful story of perfect timing, thank you!

  8. Here we go again with the synchronicity of your Posts. I started cleaning out my garage this morning – before I read this blog! There was a very bad smell coming from a crowded corner of the garage. In order to find the offensive article, which turned out to be the remains of either a very large mouse or a small rat – yuk – I had to pull out some stuff from that corner! Once I found & disposed of the cause of the big stink, I decided to keep cleaning out that corner of the garage. But, first, I came into my cute little country kitchen for a peanut butter bagel, a cup of coffee, & to read your post today, Mary. And there we are both with garage-cleaning on the mind!

  9. Love it! Wonder looks so tiny compared to that great big plate… makes me smile. Thank you.

  10. Wonder is so adorable. He reminds me of our orange tiger cat, Django. We had him for eighteen years and named him after Django Reinhardt a great guitar player. I’m so happy to hear that everything worked out so well for Wonder and all of you. A very nice quote from Isaiah.

  11. somehow things work out as they are supposed to. The right pet finds the right home at the right time. That is kind of how my two cats and dog came to me – all strays someone asked me to tend to until they found a home for them! They did. I hope they keep its name as Wonder.

  12. What great words, Relaxing into Mystery, I’m gonna write that on my black board, I can see it coming up in one of my pieces if I may borrow it. Such a reminder and all because of a kitten.

  13. I love finding the root of words, and Maria just made me want to find out the root of the word, mystery! Especially since she chose to capitalize the M! Here goes: A profound secret; something wholly unknown, or something kept cautiously concealed, and therefore exciting curiosity or wonder; something which has not been or can not be explained; hence, specifically, that which is beyond human comprehension.

    I have to chuckle when I think of Mary’s precious Little Sir Wonder, “cautiously concealed, exciting curiosity or wonder, cannot be explained, beyond human comprehension!” And yet he came, at first concealed, and then he slowly responded to Mary’s invitation, and Little Wonder now has a home. And his name? Wonder. Oh yes!!!!

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