Let’s Live for Today

I made an appointment to get my car’s broken rear window fixed yesterday afternoon. I had to fit the 2:30 time into my day, but I was able to do it. I left my car and my mother and I started to drive away when my phone rang. The guy at the glass place said, “I am really sorry but we don’t have the glass that you need. We have the privacy glass but the green glass won’t be here until tomorrow. Can you come back?” My first thought was, “This has to be a good thing. I drove up here for a reason” (obviously not the one I thought !). I told him that I lived about 45 minutes away, so coming back tomorrow would not work. I asked if they could come to my house and he said sure.

My mom and I went shopping and I found the best thrift store! It is called, “Finder’s Keepers” and it’s in downtown Glens Falls, NY. How perfect for the new, more colorful, me! Because it is a consignment shop (and the women who own it keep up on current styles) it eliminates a lot of picking through super out-dated clothes like Goodwill and the Salvation Army have (even though I still love my old places). I wouldn’t  have driven to Glens Falls yesterday if not for my car appointment, and would have missed this wonderful shopping trip with my mother (and my 7 new colorful tops!)

It is Friday afternoon and the mobile glass van just left my house. I can’t drive my car for an hour so I thought why not update you on my great day so far. Never worry about tomorrow.

Check out the music video below for a smile on this beautiful Friday afternoon. (my goodness these guys were cute!!)

10 thoughts on “Let’s Live for Today”

  1. That musical clip certainly took me back, I used to go to the movie theatre it was filmed at……in Waukegan Il…….

  2. The shatter
    made you gladder,
    colorful top
    at a new shop;

    p.s. gotta love those sassy scarves the Grass Roots were sporting!!

  3. Wow, what a blast from the past! I was just thinking of this song the other day when Maria had her potholder contest. The only thing I recall ever having won was the 45 record of “Let’s Live for Today,” by the Grass Roots. It was a call- in contest on WPTR. Your recent blogs also remind me of a book I read about twenty years ago called “How to Live 365 Days A Year,” by John A. Schindler, M.D. This book was written over fifty years ago and I see that it has been recently reprinted. The wealth of information in this book is still so true for today, how our thought patterns affect us both mentally and physically. I learned a lot of good affirmations from this book. Glad to hear that you got your window fixed and also found a fun new place to shop.

    1. Oh my goodness…I love it that you won this song as a 45! …thinking all of us “locals” might have to meet at this great little consignment shop some day!

  4. Mary, you would love our Goodwill for all the hip clothing that it has, which obviously never fits me but is great for my Mother who is a petite. I get a lot of Just My Size clothing at GW, never frumpy, or dated.

  5. They were cute!! Beautiful skin, teeth, hair, eyes, voices and smiles!! And they loved entertaining. Thanks, Mary…that was fun, Kay

  6. Glad that you and your mom made the most of an otherwise wasted trip to Glens Falls….love it when things turn out that way!
    Thanks for sharing the video…while I’m familiar with the song, I never saw the video…yes, what a cutie the lead vocalist is!

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