Watch out!

Patty catches Wonder in the act of being cute!

Many years ago, when my sons were little, and I was struggling with how to be a good parent; wanting them to grow up to be secure, happy, self-realized people, someone said to me, “I always try to catch my children doing something great.” This statement was such a shock to me; such a change from the attitude of watching out for trouble, the prevalent societal mindset of ” These are the warning signs and the things to be aware of in your kids behaviour….” I never forgot this and did my best to incorporate it into my philosophy of parenting.

It goes beyond parenting though. I want to approach life and living this way too; being always aware of the great things that people around me are doing, believing that the universe is “conspiring to bless me”….conspiring to bless us all. Watch out! Something great might happen to you today!!

15 thoughts on “Watch out!”

  1. “The universe is conspiring to bless you” …. wow! I may have to get that tattooed across my forehead.

    Wonder looks as though he’s thriving, well-loved, and full of mischief. 🙂 Adorable photo. Thanks, Mary.

  2. Oh my goodness, and your goodness too! Priceless pic of Wonder. Thanks, Mary for posting. I’ve felt invested in that little guy since you first posted his whereabouts.

    1. I know that your good thoughts for him have made a difference…thanks so much for the love!

  3. Thanks for sharing Wonder with us. He does make me smile! Life can be a Wonder if we let it. Your positive words are always so appreciated.

    1. Thank you for your continued loving support and interest in him! It seems (from both emails and blog comments) that Wonder now has an international following…we are fortunate that his new family is so happy to keep us updated!

  4. Hi Mary – A big YES to this post, especially your “It goes beyond parenting though. I want to approach life and living this way too”. I think this is so important. It’s so easy to find what’s wrong with everyone and everything. If we all practiced looking for what’s good and right and wonderful, not only would we find it, but, over time, it would go a long way toward creating new neural pathways in our brains, so that not only would we all feel better but, we would in fact be better.
    If I could make a reading suggestion, read Rick Hanson’s “Just One Thing” Newsletter on-line and one of his ideas for healing by “taking in the good”. Just takes practice – like anything worthwhile.

  5. Hi Mary! Love al the comments from yourself and the community. I’ve been on vacation in beautiful Idaho and just read this weeks posts while waiting in the airport, usually a big sigh producer! Time has flown by while reading your blog And all the wonderful comments. Thanks everyone!

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