YE HA to Life!

YE HA indeed!

I was driving into the post office, here in Cambridge NY, yesterday and a car pulled in right before me with the license plate, “YE HA”. I was so curious to see who would get out of this car; who would have chosen such a great affirmation of life to drive around with. How can you not smile when seeing those words in front of you?

I pulled up next to the car, and as the driver was getting out I said, “I love your license plate!” The woman smiled and started into the post office, but I had to find out more so I asked her why she picked those words for her plate. She said, “I have loved horses all of my life.” It turns out that Shirley had just put down her last horse because at 30, he had had a stroke. It was clearly still emotional for her. When I asked her if she would get another horse she said with this little grin, “Well……”  I could tell that she would, could tell that horses were as much a part of her life as cats are mine.

But really, what is the alternative? Live without the beings that give us so much pleasure because we are afraid of future pain? That is not living fully. I read this great quote (could not find the author) the other day which said, It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch.”  Isn’t that the truth?!

So many people keep their lives small, don’t dare to dream big, because they don’t want to be hurt or disappointed in the future. That way of thinking does not ensure anything but a small, colorless life. The time to live is now. The time to love is now! I think we can still shout “Ye Ha to Life!…even with a few tears running down our cheeks.

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    1. I think she does Lucinda!….similar to your wonderful friends that just visited us here.

  1. I hope she gets another horse. They are good for the soul and saying “Ye Ha!” is a perfect and simple way to let the world know how it feels to fly while sitting on the back of a beautiful animal. I saw the movie “Buck” last night and I can’t recommend it enough – It gets a big “Ye Ha” from me.

  2. Mary,

    I had a little set-back this week. This was just the kick-in-the-pants I needed. Life is beautiful, and I don’t want mine to be small.
    Thanks for all the beautiful posts.


  3. Hello Mary,

    I’m very grateful for all the songs/ pictures and words of
    wisdom on your blog, such food for the soul….I’m most
    thankful that Jon Katz shared your blog with all of us…

    I googled today’s amazing quote and received this info…

    Tis a fearful thing by Chaim Stern

    It is a fearful thing to love
    what death can touch.

    A fearful thing to love,
    hope, dream: to be —
    to be, and oh! to lose.

    A thing for fools this, and
    a holy thing,
    a holy thing to love.

    your life has lived in me,
    your laugh once lifted me,
    your word was gift to me.

    To remember this brings a painful joy.
    ‘Tis a human thing, love,
    a holy thing,
    to love
    what death has touched.

    Merci, Sues

  4. Mary, I love your blog. I’ve commented before – I have the canine fostering site. I have a moral dilema to sort through – one of my dogs has been dog-aggressive all her life. I’ve been able to keep it in check. Lately, my life has gotten bigger – I work outside the home now, we have 4 dogs, 4 (little) birds, and we’ll be hosting an international student this fall. Her aggression has gotten more severe – the most recent attack on one of our dogs required him to get 13 stitches in his tongue. I have always told myself that if her aggression got to the point of requiring stitching up one of the other dogs that would be it – I’d euthanize her. Now I am faced with acting on that and do not know how to sort through all of this. I do not know of another way to contact you, so I am writing you via your comments section. I would like to speak to you about this if you have any availability. I am in need of spiritual advice. Do you do your work via the phone? You may email me directly at

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