Things really do work out, with patience and love

Love and patience conquer all!

The only thing that I knew, when Wonder first came to us was that if we found a new home for him, it would have to be a good one. One morning, while he was still living in our garage, and had not let me touch him, Jack said, “I am really falling for her (we still thought that he was a she). If we don’t keep her, we’ll have to get fingerprints of the new owners!” I laughed thinking about how far Jack had come regarding cats. When I first met him, he had 2 big dogs and liked cats but never dreamed that he’d be living with 6 of them and that he would be the one making a case for 7! I took my coffee and went to my computer and there was the email from Patty saying that she wanted Wonder. I yelled to Jack, “You won’t need finger prints!”

Wonder’s new home was better than what we could have provided. Patty and Mark did research on how to socialize a feral kitten. They did not treat him like a kitten who had been socialized, but they held to their vision that he would be….some day. They patiently worked with his fear of humans until …well, the photograph says it all! They conquered his fear with love, with patience; with vision of what they knew was possible. How many times, when we see something that we don’t like about ourselves, do we take this approach? So often we think that we can change ourselves by harsh reprimand, disgust, and self-hatred. These approaches do not work. We just cannot hate ourselves into becoming more loving, open and peaceful. Let’s give ourselves a break and acknowledge right now how far we have come. Give yourself a big hug and a smile instead of a whack and a frown!

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself“. St. Francis De Sales

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  1. So true and well said! I will be thinking about these words today…
    I’m happy that you are keeping us posted on Wonder…what a lucky kitty to have crossed paths with you that day. Even though you knew another cat might be too much for you, you took the time to find him a “better than” good home… if we all embraced that love and kindness, what a happy bunch we’d be.

  2. What fun to leave the first comment of the day after giving myself a hug and putting a smile on my face. Hard to do as I had awoken anxious and doubtful as I was about to begin my day. Patience and love of self and acknowledging how far I have come are the new outlook. A therapist used to point out that at times I did a “pretend” slap at myself in criticism. I thought I was joking at the time. I do look forward to your posts. I know that all of us who follow your blog feel that the thought of the day is “meant” for us individually. The thoughts are meant for us – yes – as the “one” that we are. We’re not so special and unique and different as we had thought. We are “one” and we are also people trying to find a better way for ourselves. You have become a guide for us. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mary, Thank you both for the very timely Rumi quote and for your words/thoughts. I am deeply moved and grateful for the thought that my life can be, in any way, a help to others.

  3. Coincidentally, this just came in one of my other emails:

    “If you are wholly perplexed and in straits,
    have patience, for patience is the key to joy.

    – Rumi”

    Seems like patience might be the theme of the day.

  4. What a precious photo! 🙂 Thanks for the brilliant reminder, too…. just in time for Finals Week …. ahem… Have a wonderful day, everyone.

  5. Thank you Mary for your words about love and patience with others and most especially with oneself, I needed to hear that today. Mary S. Is correct, you have become a guide for us.

  6. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. This one conveys it all, the mutual adoration and love. Wonder seems to be saying thank you, thank you. And you were the one who followed those persistent mewings that led to this happy scene. Bless you.

  7. Mary – I think that your ability to “hold the sacred space of possibility” is such a gift. For all of us perfectionists out here, the reminder to go easy on ourselves is something that should be running like a little tape recording in our heads every waking moment. It’s so ingrained in me to just immediately wish I could do better or finish faster or push myself harder. That’s also why I love the
    Rumi quote about patience that Mary shared with us. We just got a new puppy this week, and she in the incarnation of joy, and patience is the key to helping us appreciate all that outpouring of love she brings to our home.

  8. For all the cat lovers out there, my friend sent me this little one minute Youtube of a Mama cat actually hugging her kitten – make sure to watch it to the end – will bring a smile to your day. I know your post and quote will once again resonate with me all day long. Thank you Mary and everyone for your added insights. Patience and love to all!

    1. Watching this just dissolved all my angst for the day. Thanks so much, Susan, for sharing this with all!

    2. AWWWWWWwwwwww. If I watch that one more time, I’ll be lactating!! Choose life and love and a warm, furry baby!

      1. Laugh out loud for me too! I was smiling and oohing and aahing at the video and then came to your comment…thanks for my laugh of the day! It was perfect!

  9. Good morning one and all,
    Love and patience, I am full of love, but sometimes forget the patience. It is easy for me to give a smile, but if I don’t get a smile or a hug back from a person, I might take it personally and be afraid to hug that person again. I know that sometimes I am like that feral cat, not wanting to be touched in the moment and needing to be coaxed with love and patience. I coaxed my older cat into being a more loving guy, now he sleeps on my chest!

  10. Mary let me know that the way I posted the Kitty Hug was not working for her, so I’ll try this link if you want to be charmed by a Kitty Squeezing her little one tightly! Really precious – under a minute

  11. I’m in such a bad mood today, I’m finding it hard for me to be around me. But instead of trying to change it, I’m gonna just love myself and be patient. I do believe

  12. That is such a loving picture of Wonder and Mark, and the video of the mother and kitten is so sweet! For the most part, I am very patient with other people, but to myself, I am my own worst critic. Thank you for the reminder to be kinder to ourselves.

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