Happy Birthday Jack!

58 years ago and still smiling!

Today is Jack’s 61st birthday. We are heading out for someplace…not sure where, just going to relax and appreciate life.  When I look at his face, smiling at the camera, all those decades ago, I see the same smile that greets me, and the world, every morning. None of us know how long this journey will be, let’s savor the good memories and let go of the bad. Everyday can be a new beginning, a “birthday” of sorts for us all.

Below is a link to one of my favorite songs, going out to my honey today!

42 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jack!

    • Thank you Jenn! Jack sits quietly every night and reads the blog and all of the comments so he will appreciate your thoughts.

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! to Jack. I hope you have many,many more special days!
    My husband, Charles , is 61 also. 1950 was a good year!!!

    Have fun on your trip.

    Gwen Coker

  2. Happy birthday, Jack! You have a beautiful smile. What a lovely song Mary has dedicated to you today. I hope you both have a wonderful day!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!!! Have a wonderful day and an amazing year! July is a good month — I turned 58 July 12.
    ps Mary — your husband was a cute boy and good looking man!

  4. Happy Birthday Jack! Hope that you enjoy today doing something extra special…
    I love this song too…I will be humming it all day in Jack’s honor!!!
    xoxo Marian

  5. Happy Boy! Happy Man! Happy Birthday, Jack! A wish from my all-time favorite card is what Mike and I wish for you today and always…a day full of “ordinary miracles”! Enjoy!

  6. A Happy Birthday wish to you Jack. Enjoy your day and your year and on and on. It is nice to know you follow the blog and also all of us who follow Mary’s blog. Glad to realize you are part of the community.

    • Thank you Mary! Jack is going to have a blast reading these tonight!

  7. Jack, I didn’t recognize you without the beard! How cute you were/are. Have a spectacular birthday, savor every minute of celebrating you on this earth and the gift you are.

  8. Have such a great birthday, Jack, that you are worn out from happiness and the beauty of the day.

    Mary, thank you for the Beatles trip. No one does it like they did.

  9. Happy Birthday Jack! mazel-tov, enjoy your day with your lovely wife. May you both make some blessed memories today.

  10. Happy Birthday, Jack! Since you will be reading this later today, I know you had a happy one because you spent it with Mary. Fondly, Mary Rita

    • Thank you Mary Rita! Hope to see you soon (maybe waiting in line at the post office where we will have a lovely chat!)

  11. Happy Birthday Jack! Feel all the love from people who have never met you, from all across these United States – knowing you are Mary’s husband, well, that says it all – you’ve got to be a special man! Have fun today Mary with your sweetheart!

  12. Fond greetings to you Jack on this your Natal Day!! I love the image of you at the beach, what fun to sit in the sand and enjoy the day. I hope you can get sand in your toes today and smile that great smile! :‹)

  13. Happy Birthday, Jack! Have a great day! Happy Birthday to you too, Mary! (I think your birthday is around this time?) “In My Life” is one of my favorite Beatles song.

    • Thank you Deb! We had a great day/evening. (My b’day is a bit later, in the fall.)

  14. A Birthday Poem
    Ted Kooser

    Just past dawn, the sun stands
    with its heavy red head
    in a black stanchion of trees,
    waiting for someone to come
    with his bucket
    for the foamy white light,
    and then a long day in the pasture.
    I too spend my days grazing,
    feasting on every green moment
    till darkness calls,
    and with the others
    I walk away into the night,
    swinging the little tin bell
    of my name.

  15. many happy returns of the day, Jack….you looked relaxed and happy this a.m. when you dropped in the Center…..have a wonderful day….

    p.s. mine is in two weeks

  16. A very Happy Birthday Jack! Enjoy your day, spent with the one you love!
    Cheryl b, I love Ted Kooser!

  17. Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday Jack !!!

    Must tell you that today. July 29th, is also very meaningful to me – It happens to also be my husband, Dick’s, birthday. Unfortunately he is no longer with us all, as he passed away l974. Today he would have reached the beautiful age of 9l. (giving my age away here).

    Dick’s absolutely one-of-a-kind marvelous sense of humor endured him to everyone who knew him. His children, along with myself, absolutely adored this wonderful man, who also had many other qualities that we so loved.

    Oh, and thanks for the Beatles trip – good memories also

    Happy Birthday again – enjoy to the fullest.

    Love, Peg

    • Dick sounded like a truly wonderful man indeed Peg. Thanks so much for letting us know a little about him (and you!) and for the birthday wishes for Jack!

  18. Happy Birthday Cousin Jack!!! Special memories…special family bond we will always have!! Your wonderful Mom and Dad are shining their love down on you today! Meet me at Pam.s camp on Lake Champlain next summer! Hope every day is great!!

    Love, Kerry

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