Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wake up call

As I was sitting at my desk at 5:45 this morning, answering emails, I heard a subtle clucking sound, rhythmic and soft. I didn’t pay attention at first. Then I sort of jolted myself awake and grabbed my camera and hustled outside barefooted, and still in my p.j.’s, to see a family of turkeys crossing the road in the early morning mist.

I believe that every experience that comes to us, also has a blessing (sometimes hidden) and that birds and animals show up at certain times with messages to pay attention to. Turkeys always remind me to say thank you. Just to say it for no particular reason; to say it for everything. Wouldn’t it be fun to see how many things that we could find today to not only be grateful for, but to say thank you for? Even if we just walked around our own homes saying thank you for the things that we usually take for granted. Thank you to our animals for their unconditional love, thank you for our computers, our cell phones, our pajamas! I am going to start right now:

Thank you to all of you who read this blog! Thank you to everyone who sent Jack birthday wishes yesterday (written or thought). Thank you God for turkeys, for reminding me to be thankful! Feel free to share your thankful thoughts on the blog today too!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it“.
William Arthur Ward

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  1. you’re an early “bird” excuse the pun…..great shot, Mary…tell Jack I have beans for you at the Center today….I’m there for an hour or so….

    1. Good morning Jean and thank you (for both the comments and the beans!…I imagine they are the magic kind?!) Love, Mary

  2. Good morning, Mary. As I let my Labs out front to do their business, the mountains in the distance were barely visible due to the morning mist, which gave an enchanting feeling to everything I looked out on. And I felt gratitude to live here in Washington County and especially in a cozy cottage with a view of the Green Mountains in the morning mist. And then I read your blog.
    Thank You for writing it!

  3. And all who read your blog, Mary, are grateful for you and your inspirational thoughts and comments. After all, it’s not everyone who can turn a flock of turkeys into a blessing…

    Wishing you a happy day!!

    1. You just reminded me that my dad used to call us “turkeys”, in a playful way, when we were not doing what he wanted us to…love that!

  4. Mary, I’m grateful that I got introduced to your blog thru Jon Katz, and have been enjoying it since.
    A belated Happy Birthday to Jack!

  5. This morning I went outside to get the paper. For the first time in days, it felt fresh when I walked out the door and not that awful high humidity. A cardnial was singing away. And yes, I was thankful forna beautiful way to begin my day.

  6. Gratitude is such a great feeling. Right now I’m thankful for this day when I can take my time walking the dogs in the woods. We often see wild turkeys during our walks and occasionally they roost in the trees behind our house. I love it when we see them and I hope we do today.
    I also love reading the blog every day, so thanks to Mary and everyone else!

  7. Thank you for this, Mary. Every night, before I go to sleep, I send out “gratitude vibes” for even the most simple things in my life. Your blog today has reminded me to fully connect with my waking hours too, and offer gratitude for whatever blesses me as I live my day……and I will start with you.

  8. So many things to be thankful for . . . the sweet and oool evening air, the Ruby Mountains at my doorstep, the flock of geese that flew over my head as I headed down the road for the mail last night, water that comes out of my faucet and wonderful folks like all of you! The list goes on . . .

  9. I am grateful for this blog and my geriatric dogs snoring at my feet and so much more, have a wonderful day everyone!

  10. I am thankful that the wild turkeys that chase my car during mating season (theirs, not mine) have never caught it. And I am thankful for you and your blog, and for Jon Katz who sent so many of us here.

  11. I’m thankful that the surgeon told me yesterday that the mass in my breast is just inflamation, not cancer!!!! I’m thankful that the surgeon was such a pleasant, delightful man that made me and my husband laugh. I’m thankful for Mary and all my new “White Feather Sisters”. I’m thankful for my three wonderful Border Collies, my cat, and my horse. I’m thankful for the deer and wild turkeys that I see out my kitchen window every day. I’m thankful that I’ve had the blessing of living on such a beautiful farm here in Kentucky for 15 years, and that we found another beautiful farm in Georgia to live on. I’m thankful that there are three different people interested in buying our farm right now. I’m thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for that I’ve run out of room!!!!!

    1. Well we are all certainly thankful about your news yesterday too Laura!! One more thing to give thanks for in a day filled with blessings.

    2. Laura,
      I have a mixed (mostly) border collie I rescued on my mail route and have been trying to find a home for her. She is spayed and will be 2 in Oct.
      She is white and a little gray merle. Feathered tail and flys like the wind. I just have too many dogs and need to find a home for her where she can run .Since you have border collies, I thought I would ask.
      Gwen Coker
      Natchitoches, la.

  12. After my husband died 2 1/2 years ago, I made the decision to find something that was a blessing each day. Now the practice has become almost unconscious with many, many blessing each day. But, I couldn’t resist posting this little prayer that is over my kitchen sink.

    Thank God for dirty dishes
    They have a tale to tell
    While other folks go hungry
    We’re eating very well.
    With home and health and happiness
    We shouldn’t want to fuss
    For by this stack of evidence
    God’s been very good to us.

    1. That is a beautiful prayer, (and daily practice!). I very much appreciate you sharing your journey in this way with us Susan.

  13. I just had to get out my Secret Language of Birds book and look up turkeys – “Because it lives close to the ground, thereby the polar opposite of the high-flying eagle, the turkey is sometimes called the Earth Eagle, and is representative of the Earth Mother.” Went on to say that the Pueblo Indians would never eat turkeys, but kept flocks of the birds for their feathers alone, using them for prayer sticks and in funeral rites. Blankets made of turkey feathers were wrapped around the deceased’s body to speed the spirit to the next world. Prayer sticks of turkey feathers would be given to the deceased’s relatives. Earth Eagle, that’s a lovely thought. Thank you so much Mary and everyone who gathers here for adding so much to my every day. I always feel enriched for having this place to come to.

    1. I really appreciate all that you posted here Susan. Thank you

  14. Belated wishes to Jack, sorry I couldn’t tell him sooner. Visited the eye doc, and had those dreaded drops. Vision all goofy all day Friday.

    I’m thankful daily for my border collie and the ability to continue riding equines.

    1. Thank you C. S., I will pass along the birthday wish to Jack!

  15. I am thankful for butterflys that followed me on my morning run, and clear headedness. I loved the photo and am grateful to have you in my life.

  16. Thank you for taking the turkey picture and posting it. Have never seen this many at one time and in the early morning mist, that was special!

  17. About a week after my Grandmother died 9 years ago, I saw the biggest flying flock of birds I’ve ever seen as I was driving. My immediate thought was of my Grandmother, letting me know she was “still alive”. I am always grateful when I see any size flock of birds. I never pass up this opportunity to say hi to her, and to remember that she still lives in my heart. Thanks Mary, for creating this opportunity to focus on the important practice of being thankful.

    1. I really appreciate this story Diane,…thank you so much for sharing it with us all.

  18. Thank you, with love, to Mary and all the readers and writers on this blog. It is usually the richest part of my morning, and today, my evening.

    Thank you from Virginia and Finners, my gray cat boy.

  19. Thank you Mary, for sharing your life and your thoughts with us all, my life is certainly the richer for it. I too must also thank Jon (Katz) for introducing me to you, between you, you put my day into perspective and I feel a better person for the two of you. Belated birthday wishes to Jack!

  20. Thank you: for this blog, for my blog, for my new life and love, for my work, for my new friends, for tubing, for technology, for my animals for the wonderful turkey photo.

  21. I am thankful for the fine times I’ve had with friends this wk-end. Visited a cousin yesterday who lives way out in the country and had a fine lunch of grilled veggies and homemade ice cream. Today I visited my wonderful organic farmer friends way out in the country and had a fine lunch of chicken and dumplings, beets, corn, melon, tomatoes with goat cheese feta, and blueberry kuchen. Friends, the country, delicious summer fare…. it just doesn’t get any better. Oh, and the dogs and cats at both places made it simply heavenly.

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